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OrganizationDepartment of Social Sciences
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  • Geen nevenwerkzaamheden -
    Oct 2017 - Present


Kees Jansen works on political ecology and agricultural and food technology in relation to international development ( He studies social justice and risk perspectives. Current projects involve the multi-level governance of plant diseases, the global governance of pesticides and the greening of the agrarian question (agro-ecology, food sovereignty, the conventionalization of organic agriculture).

Kees is editor of the Journal of Agrarian Changes

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Kees Jansen works in the fields of political ecology, critical agrarian studies and international development. His current research focusses on social justice and risk perspectives. Current projects address the global governance of pesticides, the greening of the agrarian question (agro-ecology, food sovereignty, conventionalization of organic agriculture), and agricultural wage labour (in particular on plantations in Central America) and imaginations of work and the body. Theoretically he is interested in rethinking linkages between technology and social justice, and between political ecology and risk theories. He has been involved in many interdisciplinary collaborations in which he develops key insights of critical realist theory (one current project is on coffee and transformations of landscapes in Latin America). The most important area of research is Latin America, but he has also limited field experience in other regions of the world.

  • ENP31806 - Globalization and Sustainability of Food Production and Consumption
  • RSO30806 - The Sociology of Farming and Rural Life
  • RSO58306 - Advanced Social Theory
  • RSO70224 - MSc Internship Rural Sociology
  • RSO70424 - MSc Internship Rural Sociology
  • RSO79224 - MSc Research Practice Rural Sociology
  • RSO79324 - MSc Research Practice Rural Sociology
  • RSO80424 - MSc Thesis Rural Sociology
  • RSO80430 - MSc Thesis Rural Sociology
  • RSO80436 - MSc Thesis Rural Sociology
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