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DescriptionSenior University lecturer / researcher
OrganizationWageningen University
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Margreet van der Burg is senior university lecturer and researcher in ‘gender studies/history related to food, agricultural and rural research and development’, at Wageningen University since 2002. She got her university degree at Nijmegen University, NL (1985) in social economic history with additional social sciences and development studies courses and taught there women’s history and ‘science and society’ courses till 1991. Her affiliation with Wageningen University dates from 1989. She worked in the Rural History Group, from which she also collaborated with the Gender in Agriculture Group. In 2002 she got her PhD in social sciences at the Wageningen University for her research on education and other development institutions for the integration of women in agricultural modernisation and agricultural-based rural development in the Netherlands, 1863-1968.
In 2006 she also served as Rural Gender Studies Guest Professor in the Maria Goeppert-Mayer Professoriate Program from German Lower Saxony, at the Institute for Rural Development, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Georg August University, Goettingen, Germany. From Oct 2015 till April 2016 she was visiting scholar with Carolyn Sachs, Professor in Rural Sociology and Women’s Studies at PennState University USA.

From 1984 onwards Margreet has been active in the field of (rural) gender studies, especially focused on farm women and gender in rural and agricultural development (programming) processes. She worked on gender and the development of agricultural educational and knowledge systems, gender and labour in family farming, education for farm and rural women, farm women’s voices and organisation, gender and rural, agricultural and food heritage. Cross cutting themes are food security, family based farming systems and agri-food chains, development programming, agricultural sciences, labour and care arrangements in family farming, gender and (structures of) resource allocation, representation and iconography, self-organisation, rurality in health and food movements, rural or agricultural feminism.
Gender is seen as intersecting with other social dimensions such as race/ethinicity, class/wealth, age/generation, religion, geographical locality (urban/rural), health status, in many diverging ways. In the nineties she expanded her work from the Netherlands to the European/western level, and from 2000s onwards to the global level, both historical and contemporary with a historical perspective.

She engaged in many professional and outreach activities such as there are the contents, organisation and presentation of TV documentaries, travelling exhibitions, documentary drama, conferences and seminars, as well as in building professional networks and organisations. She was first president of the Dutch Association of Women’s History (1987-1989) and served in various coordinating and board capacities, a.o. the Dutch Society of Women's Studies, the International Rural Women Studies Association (RWSA), as secretary in the Dutch Association for Agricultural History (1997-2003) and editorial board member of Agricultural History (2010-2013). She is also Chair of the Storm-van der Chijs Fund that encourages WU women to pursue their academic career, among others by awarding stipendia to promising WU women PhDcandidates two yearly chosen from who were nominated by their professors.

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  • Fluency in Dutch, English and German. French I can read but writing and speaking must be updated again ....

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(Rural) Gender Courses, and (co-)supervision for thesis for the BSc, MSc and PhD level. Open tailor made courses on an individual basis or for a small group are to be agreed upon after consultation. This is the same for the arrangement and approval of internships. See more on our website
  • GEO-58806 - Gender and Diversity in the Life Sciences Domains
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