Namedr. JM Schoorl

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DescriptionAssociate Professor Geomorphology and Landscape Evolution Modelling
OrganizationDepartment of Environmental Sciences
Organization UnitSoil Geography and Landscape
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    Mar 2018 - Oct 2038



I am Associate Professor in Geomorphology and Landscape Evolution Modelling at the chair of Soil Geography and Landscape (formerly known as Land Dynamics, Laboratory of Soil Science and Geology). I am evaluated as an excellent teacher of both BSc and MSc courses (top 5% Wageningen University), including coordinating and developing award winning courses. I have extensive experience with land use and geomorphological modelling and characterization of integrated agricultural, soil, landscape and land use systems. I carried out several international and national research projects on land use - landscape-soil interactions in Europe (Spain, Greece, France, Turkey) as well as investigations in Latin America, Africa and Asia. I founded and currently lead the LAPSUS group, a team of researchers working at modelling landscape evolution at multi spatial and temporal dimensions and scales, focussing on soil redistribution and the interactions of the water balance with agricultural and food production systems. In addition, I have experience with land use change modelling (developing the early CLUE model) and digital soil mapping. I have (co-)authored over 115 papers and abstracts in (inter)national proceedings, refereed journals and books (54 peer reviewed). I was involved in 9 PhD projects, 4 as co-promotor and supervised over 20 BSc and 40 MSc thesis so far. Finally, over the period 2006-2021 my teaching at the BSc and MSc level has been awarded with 12 WU Educational Bonuses.

The Lapsus group and Lapsus modelling: LandscApe ProcesS modelling at mUlti-dimensions and Scales (LAPSUS).

LAPSUS is a multi-module dynamic landscape evolution model operating from decades to millennia. Studied processes include the impact and feedbacks of overland erosion, landsliding, tillage erosion, creep, weathering, soil formation and tectonics. Processes are studied both stand alone as their interactions. Study areas range from all over the world. See also the Lapsus home page.

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Lecturing at SGL mainly on the topics of Geology, Geomorphology and (Landscape Evolutin) Modelling


SGL-11303 Soil 1 (Part Geology)
SOQ-22803 Soil 2 (Part Soil Classification WRB)
SGL-80812 BSc Thesis Soil Water Atmosphere
SGL-33306 Geology and Landscapes of the World
SGL 31806 Field Training Land Science (Spain)
SLM-31806 Erosion Modelling
SGL-52306 The fourth Dimension
SGL 704 24-39 Internship Soil Geography and Landscape
SGL 804 24-39 Thesis Soil Geography and Landscape

  • SGL-31806 - Field Training Geosciences
  • SGL-33306 - Geology and Landscapes of the World
  • SGL-33806 - The 4th Dimension in Earth Sciences
  • SGL-70224 - MSc Internship Soil Geography and Landscape
  • SGL-70424 - MSc Internship Soil Geography and Landscape
  • SGL-79224 - MSc Research Practice Soil Geography and Landscape
  • SGL-79324 - MSc Research Practice Soil Geography and Landscape
  • SGL-80436 - MSc Thesis Soil Geography and Landscape
  • SLM-31806 - Erosion Processes and Modelling
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