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Shimelis Altaye Bogale is a PhD candidate in Marketing, Marketing and Consumer Behavior Group, the Netherlands.
General research topic: market orientation in relation to new products and performance in food value chain.
Theoretical approach: By using insights from market orientation theories in marketing, he aims to understand how existing knowledge about market orientation is applied to multi-actor value chains, and its influence on performance in food and agriculture.
Current research: market orientation is applied to multi-actor value chains or in complex chains of informal economies by providing seed supply systems as a relevant case.

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Market Orientation and Performance: the Case of Seed Supply Systems in Ethiopia
  1. Customer Evaluation Of Supply Systems: The Case Of Ethiopian Seed Supply Systems
  2. Influence Of Marketing Functions Proficiency On Customer Satisfaction: The Case Of Ethiopian Seed Supply Systems
  3. Perceptions Of Market Orientation Of Channel Partners: The Case Of Ethiopian Seed Supply Systems
  4. Influence Of Market Orientation On Proficiency Of Marketing Channel Functions
  5. Responsive And Proactive Market Orientation And Performance: The Case Of Ethiopian Seed Supply Systems


PhD Candidate in Marketing, COURSES: •DEC-51806- Microfinance and Marketing in Developing Countries •WASS- Research Methodology: From Topic to Proposal •YSS- Quantitative and Qualitative Research Techniques (Social Science) •WGS- Techniques for Writing & Presenting Scientific Papers •WGS- Data Management •WASS-WASS Introduction Course for new PhD Candidates •WGS- Information Literacy including EndNote Introduction (ILP) *WGS-Reviweing A Scientfic Paper *WASS- Practicing Feminist Political Ecolog-Gender, Envirionment And Sustainable Development *Entrepreneurship In And Outside Science-EIOS *WASS: Food Value Chain Research: Understanding Inter-Organizational Relationships*Stress Identification and Management

M.A. in Regional and Local Development Studies Addis Ababa University, Institute of Regional and Local Development Studies, Ethiopia. COURSES: •Rural Development and Land Use •Economic Development Issues and Policies •Development Sociology, Gender and Development •Research Methodology •Environment and Natural Resource Management •Development Finance •Regional Growth and Development •Urbanization and Urban Planning •Development Administration Management and Politics •Project Planning •Synthesizing Case Study Workshop
BSc degree in Agricultural Extension Haramaya University, Department of Agricultural Extension, Ethiopia, COURSES: • Agricultural Extension • Rural Development • Agricultural Education • Rural Sociology • Agricultural Marketing • Training for Development • Agricultural Project Planning and Analysis • Gender Issues and Youth Work in Extension • Introduction to Anthropology • Introduction to Economics • Managerial Economics I • Managerial Economics II • Agricultural Knowledge and Information Systems • Communication Process and Interpersonal Relationship • Extension Methods and Approaches • Management Organization and Change • Agricultural Journalism • Forestry for Rural Development • Agricultural Cooperatives • Research Methods in Agricultural Extension • Agricultural Statistics and Experimental Design • Introductory Soils • Soil and Water Management • Crop Production and Management • Crop Protection • Introduction to Psychology • Principles of Adult Learning • Introduction to Farm Management • Field Service in Agricultural Extension • Livestock Production and Management • Audio-visual techniques • Introduction to Computer Science • Field Service in Extension • Extension Program Planning and Evaluation • Evaluation of Extension Project • Farming Systems Research • Senior Seminar
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