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Naam JI Ramirez Chiriboga MSc

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OrganisatieeenheidBosecologie en Bosbeheer


My studies started with a Bsc. in Applied Ecology and a second Bsc. in Biology at Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador), focusing on animal and forest ecology in Yausni National Park. Later on, I took part of an international exchange program, studying the effects of climate change on Australian wildlife and flora at the University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia). After a few years I earned my Msc. in Biology at Wageningen University (the Netherlands), for this I quantified the "The Environmental Impact of Humans on Yasuni National Park".

Regarding my professional career, I worked for two years as a high school teacher and two years in the Presidency of Ecuador, coordinating the environmental management of “Yasuni ITT Iniviative”.



Wild ungulates are known to be keystone species and forest engineers as they can modify the environment through browsing, trampling and fraying. However, on the northern hemishphere ungulates are expanding in range and density due to abondment of agricultural fields, reduced competetion and absence of predators, creating a great pressure on natural systems.

Through a series of experiments and the use of camera traps, laser technology and animal exclosures, we aim to understand the effects of wild ungulates on forest structure, composition and functioning. To achieve this, we are actively working across the Veluwe region with different stakeholders.

Our results are essential for designing accurate and effective policies that help conserve temperate forests and its biodiversity.

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