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Rico Lie (PhD 2000, Catholic University of Brussels) is a social anthropologist working at the research group Knowledge, Technology and Innovation, Wageningen University, The Netherlands. He previously worked at the University of Brussels in Belgium and the Universities of Nijmegen and Leiden in The Netherlands. At Wageningen University he is an assistant professor in international communication with an interest in the areas of development communication and intercultural learning.

Key publications

Damtew, E., Van Mierlo, B., Lie, R., Struik, P., Leeuwis, C., Lemaga, B., & Smart, C. (2020). Governing a Collective Bad: Social Learning in the Management of Crop Diseases. Systemic Practice and Action Research.

Lie, R., & Witteveen, L. (2019). ICTs for Learning in the Field of Rural Communication. In J. Servaes (Ed.), Handbook of Communication for Development and Social Change (pp. 1–18). Singapore: Springer Singapore.

Servaes, J., & Lie, R. (2019). Key Concepts, Disciplines, and Fields in Communication for Development and Social Change. In J. Servaes (Ed.), Handbook of Communication for Development and Social Change (pp. 1–31). Singapore: Springer Singapore.

Raghoebar, S., Rongen, S. van, Lie, R., & Vet, E. de. (2019). Identifying social norms in physical aspects of food environments: A photo study. Appetite, 143, 104414.

Çakmak, E., Lie, R., & Selwyn, T. (2018). Informal tourism entrepreneurs’ capital usage and conversion. Current Issues in Tourism, 1–16.

Witteveen, L., & Lie, R. (2018) Visual Problem Appraisal. An educational package, which uses filmed narratives. In S. Griffith, M. Bliemel & K. Carruthers. Visual tools for developing student capacity for cross-disciplinary collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship (pp. 61–78). A. Rourke and V. Rees (Series Curators), Transformative Pedagogies in the Visual Domain: Book No. 6. Champaign, IL: Common Ground Research Networks.

Witteveen, L., Lie, R., Goris, M., & Ingram, V. (2017). Design and development of a digital farmer field school. Experiences with a digital learning environment for cocoa production and certification in Sierra Leone. Telematics and Informatics.

Norglo, B. E. K., M. Goris, Lie, R., & Ongayo, A.O. (2016). The African diasporas public participation in policy-making concerning Africa. Diaspora Studies, 9(2), 83-99.

Lie, R., & Witteveen, L. (2015). Visual informed consent: informed consent without forms. International Journal of Social Research Methodology. doi: 10.1080/13645579.2015.1116835

Lie, R., & Servaes, J. (2015). Disciplines in the field of communication for development and social change. Communication Theory, 25(2), 244-258. doi: 10.1111/comt.12065

Goris, M., Witteveen, L., & Lie, R. (2015). Participatory film-making for social change: Dilemmas in balancing participatory and artistic qualities. Journal of Arts & Communities, 7(1-2), 63-85. doi: 10.1386/jaac.7.1-2.63_1




  • CPT-12306 - Introduction to Strategic Communication
  • CPT-12806 - Communication Theory
  • CPT-25306 - Research Methods for Communication Sciences
  • CPT-26306 - Cross-Cultural Studies
  • CPT-35806 - Intercultural Communication
  • CPT-58802 - Visual Research Methods
  • CPT-70724 - MSc Internship Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
  • CPT-70824 - MSc Internship Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
  • CPT-78424 - MSc Research Practice Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
  • CPT-79424 - MSc Research Practice Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
  • CPT-80824 - MSc Thesis Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
  • CPT-80830 - MSc Thesis Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
  • CPT-80836 - MSc Thesis Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
  • GEO-56806 - Advanced Qualitative Research Design and Data Collection Methods
  • XTO-24312 - International Field Practicum
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