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I am a physical geographer by training and I have a passion for science, teaching and time related processes. Currently, I am working as Assistant Professor (UD) in the Soil Geography and Landscape group (SGL) and at the Netherlands Centre for Luminescence dating (NCL) of Wageningen University. As a teacher I am coordinating a MSc course on geochronology entitled the 4th dimension in earth sciences and I lead a pre-MSc course on fundamentals of landscapes. Furthermore, I am teaching basics of soils and landscapes as part of five BSc programs at Wageningen University.          

My research develops at the cross-roads of luminescence dating and new application within geomorphology and soil sciences. The ultimate goal is to quantify sedimentary and erosional processes in earth-surface and soil systems by harvesting intrinsic luminescence properties of natural mineral grains. Earth-surface and soil processes shape our planet and provide the basis for human infrastructure and food production. A quantitative understanding of soil and landscape processes (in 4 dimensions!) is vital to predict future changes and eventually help to develop sustainable land-use or hazard protection strategies for a more resilient future.

If you are also enthusiastic about this kind of research, suppose as part of a MSc thesis or research collaboration, please don’t hesitate to contact me. For more information on my research activities and publications please visit my Google Scholar or Research Gate pages.

Google Scholar:

Research Gate:


If you want to know more about luminescence dating and/or the Netherlands Centre for Luminescence dating (NCL) please visit the following web-page:




1. Research project

“Past coastal sediment-system-dynamics in South Holland and its implication for present and future coastal change”, Rubicon financed project (ALW-NWO 825.11.033)


  • Reconstruct past sediment budget dynamic in South-Holland.
  • Develop OSL standardisation techniques that allow the effective analysis of several hundred samples in order to archive the maximum spatial and chronological resolution of OSL dating.
  • Study OSL properties of quartz and feldspar minerals and its physical environmental controls. Link quartz and feldspar OSL characteristic to specific sedimentary processes (luminescence footprints). 

Status: completed (2012-2014)

Partners: ALW-NWO and TU Delft


2. Research project

“Development of new feldspar luminescence dating protocols for non-aeolian deposits’’


  • Finding a feldspar luminescence signal that is sufficiently stable and bleachable (e.g. transferred IRSL signals or time-resolved IRSL signals).
  • Revision of feldspar single aliquot measurement protocols.
  • Development of reliable feldspar single-grain techniques.

Status: In progress (since 2012)

Partners: HAZARD team (Risø DTU, LIAG Hannover, St. Andrews University, Århus University)


3. Research project

“On the quantification of soil bioturbation and soil relocation in a mountainous area in S Spain - testing the potential of single-grain OSL techniques”


  • Development of a single-grain feldspar luminescence protocol tailored towards the reconstruction of soil processes.
  • Reconstruction of long-term soil mixing and soil relocation at the Sierra Morena site in S Spain.
  • Quantifying bioturbation rates for the Sierra Morena site from luminescence data.

Status: In progress (since 2014)

Partners: University of Córdoba


3. Research project

“Luminescence footprints – a new monitoring method to quantify sediment fluxes”


  • Better understanding of luminescence signal bleaching under natural sediment transport conditions.
  • A new theoretical and analytical framework for this new application.
  • Testing at selected coastal and river settings.

Status: Planned

Partners: Deltares, TU Delft


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