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OrganizationWageningen Research
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I studied my BSc Biology and MSc Ecology at the University of Groningen (NL). During my Master I had the opportunity to do several research projects were I looked at vegetation dynamics. I studied the factors that determine vegetation composition on the saltmarshes and I researched the effect of nutrient mineralization on plant-soil feedback. I continued with a PhD study at Wageningen University: Dunes, above and beyond: The interactions between ecological and geomorphological processes during early dune development, together with Dr. Juul Limpens and Prof. dr. Frank Berendse. For my thesis I conbined greenhouse experiment, field experiments and monitoring with drones to better understand the factors that determine early dune development.

My main interest is what influence plant dynamics. I am especially interested in the effects of abiotic conditions on plant performance.  This can be at a small scale e.g. individual plant level, however larger landscape evolution has also my interest. I am also very fond of dynamic systems and how this influence plants species, especially the coastal areas.

Currently I work at Wageningen Marine Research were I research the factors that influence the vegetation composition of salt marshes and dunes. I work on multiple projects:

  • The effect of soil subsidence of gas extraction on saltmarsh vegetation on the back-barrier island Ameland
  • Long term vegetation development and sedimentation on the saltmarshes on the mainland of Friesland and Groningen
  • Building with Nature project: Mud motor. We study whether dredged material can be used to grow the saltmarsh naturally
  • Building with Nature project: Marconi. In this project we research the establishment of saltmarsh vegetation on a man-made saltmarsh (in Delfzijl).

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