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DescriptionSenior scientist
OrganizationWageningen Economic Research
Organization UnitConsumer and Chain
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Dr. Lusine Aramyan (a senior scientist at market and chains group at Wageningen Economic Research formerly) holds an MSc in agricultural economics and a PhD in measuring performance in agri-food supply chains (both from Wageningen University). Lusine has more than 10 years of relevant experience in food chain research projects and has an extensive publication list in international peer-reviewed journals, mainly focused on agri-food supply chain management. Lusine has been involved in numerous EU commissioned projects (FP6, FP7, DG AGRI and H2020) such as Q-pork Chains, Welfare Quality, Pegasus, Asynchronic GMO approval policy on the EU feed sector, PrestoGMO, FUSIONS, REFRESH, ACTTIVATE as a project leader and/or as a researcher. Her research expertise is on economics of agri-food supply chains with the specific focus on chain performance , market intelligence, efficiency analyses including food waste reduction, and innovations.

Expert Profile
  • Expertise in qualitative and quantitative analysis using a wide range of statistical (e.g. conjoint, factor, cluster analysis), economical (e.g. efficiency analysis, quantitative scenario analysis, modelling) and econometrical tools (e.g.regression, forcasting, censored models)
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Publication lists


Projects by LH Aramyan

  1. ACTTiVAte (H2020). Supports innovation in SMEs and foster the smart reindustrialization of Europe by enabling the emergence of new cross-border and cross-sectoral value chains from four different sectors, aerospace, agri-food, health and ICT
  2. REFRESH (H2020) .Behavioural economic approaches and scenarios for food waste prevention, reduction and valorization 
  3. FUSIONS (EU-FP7).Identifying social food waste drivers and contributing to policymaking at European and national levels, addressing socially innovative solutions for optimized food use, including the development of recommendations for a Common Food Waste Policy for EU27. Scenario analysis on current trends of food waste generation and exploring socio-economic policy incentives for waste prevention and reduction.
  4. EU policy on GM soy: tolerance threshold and asynchronic approval (FEDIMA)
  5. Study on the Implications of Asynchronous GMO Approvals for EU Imports of Animal Feed Products ( EU-DG AGRI
  6. Welfare Quality (EU-FP6). Evaluating the likelihood of the adoption of Welfare Quality (WQ) assessment system in European agri-food supply chains. The perceptions of different stakeholders in agri-food supply chains in the Europe about the adoption possibilities of WQ assessment system have been analysed by means of conjoint analysis. http://
  7. Q-pork Chain (EU-FP6). A scenario study on reallocation of different links of the pork supply chains in the European taking into account economic and environmental sustainability aspects
  9. PEGASUS (EU-FP7). Analysing the socio-economic aspects of adoption of products from GM animals in food and pharmaceutical production chains by means of scenario analysis
  10. PreSTO GMO (ERA-NET). ). Horizon scanning of emerging GM applications


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