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  • Associate editor of a scientific journal - Journal of Insects as Food and Feed
    dec 2019 - Nu

    Associate editor Consumer Behaviour of the scientific Journal of Insects as Food and Feed (Wageningen Academic Publishers, included in WoS).


Arnout Fischer is associate professor in consumer behaviour.

General research topic: consumer behaviour in relation to new technologies and innovative products in food.

Theoretical approach: By using insights from attitude theories in social psychology he aims to understand how existing knowledge and associations about (in)directly related products, emotions and cognitions contribute to attitudes towards innovations in food and agriculture.

Current research: Consumer response to new technologies in food and food production applied to topics like nanotechnology in food, gene-technology, high-tech ecology based agriculture. A range of protein alternatives including, the use of insect protein for human consumption, consumption of algae, mycelia, cultured meat, plant based meat and dairy alternatives.. 

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Consumer Response to New Food Technology

My project portfolio centers on how consumers deal with novel technologies and innovations in food and agricultural production in the broader sense.

In my projects I often collaborate with technology developers and other social scientists to be able to gain access to real worl relevant examples and provide relevant input to the societal debate.

Across my studies I highlight different elements from consumer theory that can help me understand consumer responses to such technologies - such as perceptions, cognitive and emotional appraisal and categorisation. 


Lecturing and Thesis supervision Consumer Behaviour

If you are interested in any MSc or BSc level topic related to: Consumer response to new food technology you are welcome (examples - Nanotechnology, Cultured Meat, Insect Protein, Synthetic Biology, Algae, Genetic Modification). 

Member of the Education Committee BBC-BEB-MME on behalf of the Consumer Studies specialisations in BBC-MME

Proefcollege Bachelor Bedrijf en Consument voor middelbare scholieren

  • MAT-22306 - Quantitative Research Methodology and Statistics
  • MCB-12806 - Introduction to Management and Consumer studies
  • MCB-70224 - MSc Internship Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
  • MCB-70424 - MSc Internship Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
  • MCB-79224 - MSc Research Practice Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
  • MCB-79324 - MSc Research Practice Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
  • MCB-80424 - MSc Thesis Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
  • MCB-80436 - MSc Thesis Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
  • YSS-10906 - Analysis of a Problem Situation
  • YSS-33306 - Advanced Consumer Studies
  • YSS-36306 - Data Science for Food and Consumer Behaviour Research
  • YSS-36806 - Consumer Studies for Sustainability: Perspectives and Ethics
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