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DescriptionDLO Onderzoeker
OrganizationWageningen Economic Research
Organization UnitInnovation- and Risk Management and Information Governance
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Visiting addressEdelhertweg 1
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  • Board member - Global Dairy Farmers
    Jul 2015 - Present

    Global Dairy Farmers is a worldwide network of dairy farmers and inustry partners. The main goals of the network are to connect, inspire and exchange knowledge. The legal entity of Global Dairy Farmers is a cooperative.

  • Board member - Nuffield Nederland
    Jan 2015 - Present

    Nuffield Netherlands is part of Nuffield International Farming Scholars. Goal of Nuffield is to develop people that can make a difference in agriculture.


I am involved in projects related to sustainability, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial behavior mainly in the dairy sector. Most projects are for private companies. The aim of  the projects  is to design an approach to achieve real progress in sustaining the chaiin. Sometimes the focous of the project is on  innovation by working with individual primary entrepreneurs or medium-sized processors. But the focus can also be on how to design an approach to achieve broad adoption of best practices or sustainable technology, for example through the development of sustainability programs.

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Key publications
  • Verwaarden van duurzame ketens
    Alfons Beldman, Anne-Charltoote Hoes, Carlijn Savelkouls en Gemma Tacken (2017)
    Wageningen University & Research
  • Sectorrapportage Duurzame Zuivelketen : prestaties 2016 in perspectief
    Doornewaard, G.J. ; Reijs, J.W. ; Beldman, A.C.G. ; Jager, J.H. ; Hoogeveen, M.W. (2017)
    Wageningen : Wageningen Economic Research, (Wageningen Economic Research rapport 2017-087) - 199
  • Supporting farmers in making strategic choices.
    Beldman, A.C.G. ; Malak-Rawlikowska, A. ; Stalgiene, A. ; Kuipers, A. ; Tomson, N.C. ; Lauwere, C.C. de; Lakner, D. ; Klopcic, M (2013)
    Lubljana, Slovenia : LEI Wageningen UR, The Hague, The Netherlands / University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty - Department of Animal Science, Slovenia / Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW, Warsaw, Poland
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Dutch Sustainable Dairy Chain (SDC)

SDC is a joint initiative between the Dutch Dairy Association (NZO) and LTO Netherlands (Farmers Union) to improve sustainability. Wageningen Univeristy and Research facilitates the process of the implementation and further development of DSC with all involved parties.

Based on the yearly sector report, additional research and knowledge of transition processes possibilities for improvement for the overall approach are assessed. Workshops with processors and others are organised to turn improvement options into actions.

Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF)

DSF is developed by key players in the global dairy industry to provide overarching goals and global alignment of the sector’s actions on the path to sustainability. Wageningen Economic Research is facilitating pilots for companies that want to implement the framework in a B2B context

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