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DescriptionDLO Onderzoeker
OrganizationWageningen Economic Research
Organization UnitConsumer and Chain
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Mo Tu We Th Fr

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Towards more plant-based protein consumption in Altena

In this project, we experiment with different interventions in a defined area to gain insights into how a shift in the animal/plant-based ratio in the Dutch diet can be achieved. Because of the CHIEF initiative, the municipality of Altena has been chosen as the experimental area.

Organising the Symposium 'Public Protein Procurement', hosted in Wageningen on December 1st, 2022. The project is commissioned by Wageningen University& Research. 

Future Protein NL magazine, published in December 2021. The project was commissioned by the Dutch government and executed while I worked for my previous employer, Larive International. The magazine can be accessed freely via Future Protein NL - Join us in solving global challenges together by Oost NL - Issuu

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