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Iris Rijnaarts-Modder is trained as a dietician and nutrition researcher. She finished her bachelor in Nutrition and Dietetics at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen in 2013, where she specialized in clinical nutrition. She obtained her masters degree in Nutrition & Health in 2016 from Wageningen University. During her masters, Iris spend 6 months at the Center for Translational Research in Aging and Longevity (CTRAL) in Texas, USA, for her internship. 

After graduation, Iris worked for 8 months as a junior researcher on the Healing Gardens project. In  this project, she conducted a pilot study to assess the feasilibity of vegetable gardening on quality of life and dietary intake in cancer survivors.

Currently, Iris is working as a PhD Candidate. Her research focusesses on the effects of diet on intestinal health. She investigates this in several projects, for example looking at dietary fiber to prevent complaints or when having constipation, or diet with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and its association with gut microbiota. Her project is part of two different consortia, namely IBSQutrition and Personalized Nutrition & Health. 

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Diet as treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

Personalized Nutrition: to increase dietary fibre intake in healthy subjects and subjects with constipation.

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