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My field of interest and expertise lies in the changing role of public and private actors, specifically corporate actors, in global environmental and marine governance. My research looks into how corporate actors while advancing in terms of corporate environmental management not only create corporate environmental policies, but also increasingly participate in multi-stakeholder initiatives. These multi-stakeholder initiatives in turn change architectures of global environmental governance, dispersing authority and steering over multiple actors and in multiple directions. My research contributes to understanding how corporate actors increasingly become involved in global environmental and marine governance, and how this influences governing efforts and effects. I have published on these topics with regard to governing international shipping, offshore oil and gas developments, ecosystem based management and the European regional seas.

Contact Judith at judith.vanleeuwen(at)wur.nl





ENP-20806 Environmental Management and Industry

Main trends in environmental management in industry. Central concepts in environmental management, such as pollution prevention, ISO 14001, life-cycle management environmental management strategies, industrial ecology, environmental reporting. Selected theories and models concerning environmental management, in particular the 4-stage model of environmental strategy, the organization theory of Mintzberg, and ecological modernization theory. In addition to explaining these concepts and theories, the course provides practice-oriented training on the basis of case studies, and practical experience on the form of an excursion. Although the course primarily deals with industrial organizations, most of its contents also apply to other types of organization.


ESA-60312 European Workshop Environmental Sciences and Management

In this course a group of 30 students of different nationalities and disciplinary background work together on an environmental problem commissioned by a client. The course consists of three phases. In the preparation period students apply their knowledge of environmental sciences and management to make a project plan based on the Terms of Reference received from the client. In this period an applied training in project management, data collection & interview techniques, and team work is offered. A few lectures are given that provide students with additional background information to tackle the issue. The second phase consists of two weeks of field work mainly dedicated to data collection on site. At the end of this phase the preliminary results will be presented to the client. Finally students are expected to analyse the data, incorporate the feedback from the client and write a concise report for the client. In this final phase supporting lectures on data analysis and consultancy report writing are given as well as feedback on the draft reports. Every student is expected to contribute his / her own knowledge and expertise to the group assignment and to reflect on this.


  • ENP-10806 - Environmental Policy Instruments
  • ENP-20806 - Environmental Management and Industry
  • ENP-37306 - Water Governance: Concepts and Practices
  • ENP-39806 - Marine Governance
  • ENP-52806 - Ocean and Coastal Governance
  • ETE-32806 - Managing Urban Environmental Infrastructure
  • PAP-21806 - European Union Institutions and Policies
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