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  • Joint Editorial Board - British Journal of Nutrition
    Apr 2019 - Apr 2022

    Evaluate whether new submissions are of an appropriate quality for peer review, and for those that are they propose referees from those suggested by the author, together with their own contacts and preferences. Then provide a report on a paper based on the referees comments and their own perspective.


Dr. Guido Bosch is an assistant professor of the Animal Nutrition Group of the Department of Animal Sciences (Wageningen University, the Netherlands). He obtained his PhD degree for his work on the influence of nutrition on behaviour in dogs. Currently, his main area of expertise is feed evaluation research in pet, zoo and production animals. His research is mainly focused on understanding the food properties that drive appetite and food intake behaviour and on the evaluation of nutritional and (dys)functional characteristics of (novel) foods and ingredients. Examples of recent projects are unravelling mechanisms of fermentable fibres to prolong satiety, the formation and bioavailability of Maillard reaction products in extruded pet foods, and the evaluation of nutritional properties of insects as novel dietary protein sources for animal feeds. Finally, he has a strong interest in the evolutionary history and feeding ecology of animals, which may help to further understand the origin of their digestive physiological and metabolic idiosyncrasies and to improve their foods for health and longevity.

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Course coordinator and lecturer Companion Animals (BSc-3, Animal Sciences), lecturer Insects as Food and Feed (BSc-3, Optional for different programmes), course coordinator and lecturer Feed Technology (MSc-1, Animal Sciences), supervisor BSc and MSc thesis and internship students. Lecturer, supervisor, and advisor in various other courses. Obtained Wageningen University Teaching Qualification in 2015.

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