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  • Lid geschillencommissie Oneerlijke Handelspraktijken - Geschillencommissie Oneerlijke Handelspraktijken
    jan 2022 - jan 2024

    Commissielid voor de geschillencommissie Oneerlijke Handelspraktijken in de Landbouw- en Voedselvoorzieningsketen

  • Visiting Professor - UNICATT (Universit√† Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
    mei 2020 - jan 2024

  • zelfstandige ondernemer - Blue & Stars
    dec 2016 - jan 2024

    juridisch onderzoek, vertalingen en trainingen


Hanna Schebesta is Associate Professor in the LAW group at Wageningen University (WUR, the Netherlands) and was previously a Research Associate at the European University Institute (EUI, Italy). She holds a PhD from the EUI, and the degrees of LLM in European and International Law, LLB European Law, and BA European Studies from Maastricht University (the Netherlands).

A Systems Perspective on Food, Farming & Fishery Law

At the Law Group, Dr Schebesta leads the food law research area. Her personal research agenda is entitled "Food Justice" and pursues the following research lines:

  • Futurecasting the EU Food System through Anticipatory Law (systemic meta-regulation and opportunities to address major societal challenges)
  • Food System Solidarity
  • A methodological shift in the legal discipline

She is an experienced researcher with a strong expertise in designing research projects and project management. Her specialty areas are WTO and EU law, in particular regulation, procedural law and liability, private standardisation and public procurement law. Her domains are food, agriculture, fish & aquaculture, aviation and innovation. Her research pursues a keen interest on methodologies such as behavioural and systematic quantitative/qualitative approaches in law.

Publications of Dr Schebesta's research can be consulted at

Dr Schebesta is Chair of the Programme Committee Master Food Quality and Management and the Master Food Safety. She coordinates the legal content of the MSc Food Safety specialisation 'Food Law & Regulatory Affairs'.


For questions, feel free to send an e-mail at


  • general EU law (substantive, procedural, institutional), EU policy making, comparative law, procedural law, enforcement, damages, liability, public procurement, public-private partnerships, aviation law, technology and innovation, automation, WTO law, preferential trade agreements, intellectual property
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SMARTCHAIN (H2020 project; 2018-2021) has the ambition to further support the development of collaborative short food supply chains and promote a more favourable framework for sustainable, local, healthier and ethically produced food in Europe.

Through a network of 43 partners, SMARTCHAIN links scientists with theoretical and methodological expertise with practitioners and stakeholders knowledgeable about the short food supply chain sector.


FOODSAFETY4EU (H2020, 2020-2023) is a project focused to design, develop and release a multi-stakeholder platform for the future European Food Safety System (FSS), by structuring a participatory process, which sustains a responsive and adaptive community of FSS actors.


Chair of the Programme Committee MSc Food Safety and Food Quality

Coordinator for the Food Law & Regulatory Affairs specialisation of the MSc Food Safety 

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