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  • Seafood Watch Aquaculture Technical Advisory Committee - Monterey Bay Aquarium
    jan 2015 - Nu

    Provide strategic advice on the Seafood Watch programme.


Simon Bush is Professor and Chair of the Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University. His broad research interest extends to various dimensions of sustainabilty governance in the domains of food, energy and climate - linked in large part to the staff and PhD students at the Environmental Policy Group.

In addition, he has a core set of projects focused predominantly on the intersection of food and energy in the North Sea. This includes the NWO funded CircAqua project focused on the development of offshore low trophic aquaculture, the RVO funded BeWild project exploring the role of e-DNA in monitoring biodiversity around offshore wind energy parks and the NWA funded OR-ELSE project analysing the challenge of marine spatial planning for sand mining and coastal climate resilience. Additionally, his work on global aquaculture governance continues through the development of the Aquaculture Governance Indicators and Aquaculture Co-management Guidelines for the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation.              

His past research projects on aquatic food include the EURASTIP programme focused on innovation platforms for aquaculture in Asia and beyond-farm management of aquaculture in Southeast Asia (SUPERSEAS). He was also a lead author in the Blue Food Assessment led by Standford University and the University of Stockholm.

Simon serves on the Academic Board of Wageningen University and is a member of the Board of the WIMEK Graduate School. Outside the university Simon's ongoing outreach work includes membership of the multi-stakeholder group of Monterrey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch programmes and the the Standards Oversight Committee of the Global Aquaculture Alliance.

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Selected current projects

CircAqua - researchers the development of offshore low trophic aquaculture innovation in the Dutch North Sea.

FAO-China-Netherlands SSC programme -  examines the China’s and the EU’s governance of aquaculture sustainability in Africa 

BeWild - explores the role of e-DNA in monitoring biodiversity around offshore wind energy parks in the North Sea.

OR-ELSE - analyses the challenge of marine spatial planning for sand mining and coastal climate resiliencein the North Sea.

Aquaculture Governance Indicators - assesses framework for global aquaculture governance in partnership with the Monterrey Bay Seafood Watch programme.

Selected completed projects 

BESTTuna - examained  the innovative new governance arrangements for sustainabile and equitable tuna managment in the Western Pacific Ocean.

IFITT - explored the potential for traceability to drive improved information for sustainable tuna in Indonesia.

SUPERSEAS - assessed the potential for beyond farm managment of aquaculture in Southeast Asia.

  • AFI-20806 - Marine Food Systems
  • AFI-80812 - BSc Thesis Marine Sciences
  • ENP-22803 - Theories and Themes: Sociology
  • ENP-25306 - Evaluation and Design of Marine Nature-Based Solutions
  • ENP-32806 - Sociological Perspectives on Environmental Change
  • ENP-39406 - Transformative sustainability practices for systemic change
  • ENP-39806 - Marine Governance
  • ENP-50306 - Capita Selecta Environmental Policy
  • ENP-50802 - Capita Selecta Environmental Policy
  • ENP-50803 - Capita Selecta Environmental Policy
  • ENP-80424 - MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
  • ESA-10309 - Environmental Sciences and Society
  • MAE-10806 - Introduction to Marine Sciences
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