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DescriptionProfessor and Chair of Environmental Policy
OrganizationDepartment of Social Sciences
Organization UnitEnvironmental Policy
Phone+31 317 483 310
Secretarial phone+31 317 484 452
Phone 2
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Visiting addressHollandseweg 1
Postal addressPostbus 8130
Ancillary activities
  • Advisory Committee - Good Fish Foundation
    Jan 2016 - Present

    Provide advice annually on strategy

  • Seafood Watch Aquaculture Technical Advisory Committee - Monterey Bay Aquarium
    Jan 2015 - Present

    Provide strategic advice on the Seafood Watch programme.


Simon Bush is Professor and Chair of the Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University. His main area of research focused on the design of governance arrangements for global sustainable seafood. His recent projects include the EURASTIP programme focused on innovation platforms for aquaculture in Asia, beyond-farm management of aquaculture in Southeast Asia (SUPERSEAS) and the Aquaculture Governance Indicators. He is also a lead author in the Blue Food Assessment led by Standford University and the University of Stockholm. Simon serves as Associate Editor of Maritime Studies and sits on the editorial board of Aquaculture, Reviews in Aquaculture and Environmental Development. His outreach work includes his ongoing membership of the multi-stakeholder group of Monterrey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch programme, the advisory board of the Good Fish Foundation and the aquaculture programme of the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH). In 2020 he was also appointed to the Standards Oversight Committee of the Global Aquaculture Alliance. 

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Simon's research centres around three major projects on fisheries and aquculture sustainability. The BESTTuna programme explores the innovative new governance arrangements for sustainabile and equitable tuna managment in the Western Pacific Ocean. The IFITT programme explores the potential for traceability to drive improved information for sustainable tuna in Indonesia. The SUPERSEAS programe explores the potential for beyond farm managment of aquaculture in Southeast Asia.

  • ENP-22803 - Theories and Themes: Sociology
  • ENP-32806 - Sociological Perspectives on Environmental Change
  • ENP-39806 - Marine Governance
  • ENP-50306 - Capita Selecta Environmental Policy
  • ENP-50802 - Capita Selecta Environmental Policy
  • ENP-50803 - Capita Selecta Environmental Policy
  • ENP-70224 - MSc Internship Environmental Policy
  • ENP-70424 - MSc Internship Environmental Policy
  • ENP-79224 - MSc Research Practice Environmental Policy
  • ENP-79324 - MSc Research Practice Environmental Policy
  • ENP-80424 - MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
  • ENP-80436 - MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
  • ENP-81609 - BSc Thesis Environmental Policy and Economics Part 2
  • ESA-10309 - Environmental Sciences and Society
  • SDC-36306 - Perspectives and Themes in International Development Studies
  • YSS-82812 - BSc Thesis Sociology of Development
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