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Ma Di Wo Do Vr
  • Zelfstandig - The Nature Economist
    aug 2019 - jan 2030

    Consultancy services

  • Bestuurslid - Opçao Verde
    jan 2007 - mrt 2030

    Een Braziliaanse stichting; we houden ons bezig met bescherming van oerbossen in de Amazone. Samenwerking met Greenchoice


Jaclyn heeft een brede ervaring in business development voor de publieke en private sector. In haar werk houdt ze zich bezig met de ontwikkeling en implementatie van (innovatieve) duurzame business modellen en financiele mechanismen. Ze werkt vanuit Wageningen UR in nationale en internationale projecten en heeft ervaring opgedaan in projecten in het Caribisch gebied, Zuid Amerika, Afrika en in Zuid Azië. In Nederland begeleidt ze onder meer workshops om organisaties te helpen ecologische impact te vertalen in business modellen.


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MaMaSe Sustainable Water Initiative

The MaMaSe Sustainable Water Initiative is aimed at improving water safety and security in the Mara River Basin (MRB) - Kenya to support structural poverty reduction, sustainable economic growth, and conservation of the basin’s world-renowned ecosystems. We will pursue this through a broad-based, basin-scale public-private-partnership (PPP) designed to empower people and promote self-reliance. We will address all five solutions specified in the application requirements, working in all of the basin’s landscapes and focusing on improved water management in the main economic activities of the basin: agriculture, cattle ranching, and wildlife-based tourism. A single, well-coordinated initiative will enable the basin-scale interconnection of knowledge, policies, institutions, markets, and good practices that is required for structural poverty reduction, sustainable economic growth, and ecosystem conservation. It will also provide a platform for the engagement of new partners (Kenyan and international) and a systematic expansion of activities that further benefit the basin and its people


The Government of Indonesia has embarked on a policy to bring crop insurance to all of Indonesia’s farmers. At the base of this policy is Law no. 19/2013 on the "Protection and empowerment of farmers in Indonesia". The Law states a number of objectives and strategies to improve the economic position of farmers, one of which is the set-up of a national crop insurance program for all farmers. The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for implementing the policy.

The G4INDO project assists the Government of Indonesia in providing insurance to farmers. G4INDO provides technical assistance on three aspects:

  • Remote sensing. State of the art remote sensing technology (radar and optical images) is combined with hydrological data of concrete river basins, and with crop growth models in a digital platform that will allow the insurer to monitor crop growth and assess abnormalities
    • Insurance products and procedures. Experiences from elsewhere and hands-on insurance expertise are available to advise on the most suitable insurance products for small farmers, client registration practices, and claim registration and processing
      • Monitoring and evaluation. Carry out socio-economic analyses to assess the impact of insurance on production and income levels, inter-gender relations, and farming practices

      G4INDO has a lifetime of three years. During the project period 200,000 rice farmers are planned to be served with insurance contracts. The Government of Indonesia is actually distributing the insurance contracts to the target group. Three districts in East Java are selected as the project area.

      G4INDO receives a subsidy of the Netherlands Space Office.


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