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DescriptionProfessor in Global Nutrition / Chair Division of Human Nutrition & Health
OrganizationDepartment of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences
Organization UnitHuman Nutrition & Health
Phone+31 317 482 567
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Phone 2+31 317 482 220
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Visiting addressStippeneng 4
Postal addressPostbus 17
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Side activities
  • member working group External Communication and Public Trust - FENS federation of european nutrition societies
    Jun 2020 - Present

    FENS has initiated 3 working groups dedicated to “Improved Standards in the Science of Nutrition”. External communication and public trust is one of them. Goal is to provide the members and the global field with guidance.

  • Chair Scientific Advisory Board JPI HDHL - Joint Programming Initiative a Healthy Diet for a Healthy Li
    Jan 2019 - Present

  • Board member - Stichting Nutrition in Transition
    Dec 2017 - Present

    The foundation NiT aims to improve concepts, methods and interaction in nutrition research by initiating and fostering debates and discussions, to make the filed fit for the future.

  • Nutrition Advisor - Dutch Diabetes Foundation (DFN)
    May 2016 - Present

    Providing advice on nutrition related topics to the DFN staff

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  • CHL-34303 - Data Science for Health I
  • HNH-11804 - Introduction to the field of Nutrition and Health
  • HNH-24806 - Introduction to Epidemiology and Public Health
  • HNH-26806 - Introduction to Global Nutrition and Health
  • HNH-28303 - Introduction Descriptive Epidemiology and Public Health
  • HNH-28803 - Introduction Analytical Epidemiology and Public Health
  • HNH-29303 - Measuring Dietary Intake
  • HNH-31506 - Analytical Epidemiology I: Modelling in Nutrition & Disease Research
  • HNH-31606 - Analytical Epidemiology II
  • HNH-32603 - Data Science for Health II
  • HNH-32806 - Exposure Assessment in Nutrition and Health Research
  • HNH-33403 - Advanced Analytical Epidemiology
  • HNH-34903 - Evaluation of Dietary Assessment Methods
  • HNH-38802 - Concepts and Methods in Epidemiology
  • HNH-50401 - Capita Selecta Human Nutrition
  • HNH-50402 - Capita Selecta Human Nutrition
  • HNH-50403 - Capita Selecta Human Nutrition
  • HNH-50405 - Capita Selecta Human Nutrition
  • HNH-50406 - Capita Selecta Human Nutrition
  • HNH-75824 - MSc Internship Global Nutrition
  • HNH-75827 - MSc Internship Global Nutrition
  • HNH-75830 - MSc Internship Global Nutrition
  • HNH-75833 - MSc Internship Global Nutrition
  • HNH-75836 - MSc Internship Global Nutrition
  • HNH-75839 - MSc Internship Global Nutrition
  • HNH-79724 - MSc Research Practice Global Nutrition
  • HNH-85824 - MSc Thesis Global Nutrition
  • HNH-85827 - MSc Thesis Global Nutrition
  • HNH-85830 - MSc Thesis Global Nutrition
  • HNH-85833 - MSc Thesis Global Nutrition
  • HNH-85836 - MSc Thesis Global Nutrition
  • HNH-85839 - MSc Thesis Global Nutrition
  • YNH-80312 - BSc Thesis Nutrition and Health
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