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Naamprof.dr.ir. EJM Feskens

OmschrijvingProfessor in Global Nutrition
OrganisatieDepartement Agrotechnologie en Voedingswetenschappen
OrganisatieeenheidHumane Voeding & Gezondheid
Telefoon+31 317 482 567
Telefoon secretariaat+31 317 488 077
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  • lid werkgroep External Communication and Public Trust - FENS federation of european nutrition societies
    jun 2020 - Nu

    FENS has initiated 3 working groups dedicated to Improved Standards in the Science of Nutrition. External communication and public trust is one of them. Goal is to provide the members and the global field with guidance.

  • Voorzitter Scientific Advisory Board - Joint Programming Initiative a Healthy Diet for a Healthy Li
    jan 2019 - Nu

  • Bestuurslid - Stichting Nutrition in Transition
    dec 2017 - Nu

    De stichting heft als doel om door middel van debat de concepten, methoden en interacties van voedingsonderzoek aan te scherpen en toekomstbestendig te maken: Wat is gezond? Wat is voeding? Hoe onderzoek je dat? Met wie? zie www.nutritionintransition.nl

  • Nutrition Advisor - Dutch Diabetes Foundation (DFN)
    mei 2016 - Nu

    Providing advice on nutrition related topics to the DFN staff


Prof. Edith Feskens (Breda, 1962) obtained her MSc degree in Human Nutrition from Wageningen University in 1987. In the same year she started her PhD at Leiden University, at the department of Social Medicine under supervision of prof. Daan Kromhout. She received her PhD degree in 1991 (‘epidemiological studies on glucose tolerance – dietary determinants and cardiovascular consequences’). She continued to work at the RIVM (National Institute of Public Health and the Environment) until 2005 in various roles such as head of the unit of Cardiovascular and Diabetes Epidemiology. She was involved in ao the Zutphen Study and EU projects on obesity and diabetes, such as Diogenes and InterAct.

In 2005 she was appointed as associate professor at the chair group of Nutritional Epidemiology at Wageningen University, and in 2008 she became personal professor in Nutrition and the Metabolic syndrome. In 2015 she was appointed as chair of Nutrition and Health over the Lifecourse, and subsequently chair of Global Nutrition in 2018.

She currently is member of the Academic Board, co-director of the Gerrit Grijns Initiative (http://bit.ly/3v0lBfn) and theme leader at OnePlanet (https://oneplanetresearch.nl/). She is certified supervisor in Epidemiology (https://www.epidemiologie.nl/). International roles include Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of JPI-HDHL (https://www.healthydietforhealthylife.eu/).

Since January 2019 the combined lifestyle intervention for the prevention of type 2 diabetes (SLIMMER) that was developed by her and her team over the period 1998-2018, is included in the Dutch basic health insurance  (https://www.nogslimmer.nl/); a true milestone. Currently she focuses on combatting malnutrition in all its forms, globally and in particular in low and middle income countries, and including trade-offs with sustainability.

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  • HNH-11804 - Introduction to the field of Nutrition and Health
  • HNH-24806 - Introduction to Epidemiology and Public Health
  • HNH-26806 - Introduction to Global Nutrition and Health
  • HNH-28803 - Introduction Analytical Epidemiology and Public Health
  • HNH-29303 - Measuring Dietary Intake
  • HNH-31506 - Analytical Epidemiology I: Modelling in Nutrition & Disease Research
  • HNH-31606 - Analytical Epidemiology II
  • HNH-32806 - Exposure Assessment in Nutrition and Health Research
  • HNH-33403 - Advanced Analytical Epidemiology
  • HNH-34903 - Evaluation of Dietary Assessment Methods
  • HNH-35903 - Miscellaneous Tools in Epidemiological Research
  • HNH-38802 - Concepts and Methods in Epidemiology
  • HNH-39106 - Data Science for Nutritional Epidemiology
  • HNH-50401 - Capita Selecta Human Nutrition
  • HNH-50402 - Capita Selecta Human Nutrition
  • HNH-50403 - Capita Selecta Human Nutrition
  • HNH-50405 - Capita Selecta Human Nutrition
  • HNH-50406 - Capita Selecta Human Nutrition
  • HNH-75824 - MSc Internship Global Nutrition
  • HNH-79724 - MSc Research Practice Global Nutrition
  • HNH-85824 - MSc Thesis Global Nutrition
  • HNH-85836 - MSc Thesis Global Nutrition
  • YNH-80312 - BSc Thesis Nutrition and Health
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