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OrganizationDepartment of Environmental Sciences
Organization UnitWater Resources Management
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Recently, I enrolled in sandwich PhD program at WUR, Water Resources Management Group. The program duration is four years which was started in 15 January 2014. My research project titled “Assessment of the Groundwater Resources Degradation in the Coastal Plain downstream of Wadi Zabid, Yemen”.

The problem in the costal study area are the unaccounted human interventions and the changes in agriculture practices (by people and government), in combination with a changed legislation and policies, diesel subsidy, rigs and pumps import, water law, and etc. have caused the degradation to the groundwater resources and related environmental problems.


All the changes have resulted in groundwater over-exploitation in the upstream parts of the wadies and negative effects on the downstream areas especially in the coastal areas. These problems include:

  • Decrease of surface water runoff by the construction of dams and diversion structures and a reduction of the subsurface water flow, needed to recharge the coastal aquifers. The groundwater table has dropped from around 0.5 m in the 1960’s to 12 m today resulting in drought and the collapse of palms trees farms.
  • Desertification and increased sand dunes movement: 50 to 70% of the built-up areas (houses and palm farms) in al-Mujellis village were covered by sand dunes with height up to 10m.
  • The aquifer is polluted by seawater intrusion; the water salinity has increased from 0.8 dS/m to more than 1.800 dS/m and in some areas it reaches to 8 dS/m (NWRA, 2006).
  • Increase in the poverty and an increase the people migration from the area.
  • Conflicts over the spate water rights (violations and water grabbing) between the three upstream groups of users and between the upstream and downstream users.

The objective of the study, to assess the groundwater resources degradation of the coastal aquifers as a result of interventions and the changes land use practices in the upstream parts of wadi Zabid (Water Balance Study), in particular the effects of the water recharge to the downstream aquifers as a result of:

  • The construction of diversion structures in the upstream part of the wadi.
  • Water rights and water polices.
  • Increase in the dependency on groundwater for irrigation.
  • Changes in cropping patterns and an increase in agriculture areas.

To development of a balanced and efficient management program to reduce spate water quantities so that more water can reach the coastal areas downstream and contribute to the recharge of the coastal groundwater aquifers. This programme will be based on different water resources management scenarios:

  • Changes of spate water rights between the various water users groups in the upstream part of wadi Zabid.
  • Changes in the agriculture practice, i.e. the agriculture areas, crops types, modern irrigation techniques).


The methodology that will be used are groundwater modelling, Hydrogeological and hydro-chemical of the groundwater resources of the study area, a collaborative research approach.


The expected results are to enhance the water distribution rights among people in the upstream, middle stream, and downstream parts of the catchment and help to reduce and mitigate the problems that happened downstream in coastal areas, to Increase awareness between people regarding:

  • The effect of changing agriculture practices on downstream water recharge.
  • Implementation of alternativ

A Bachelor degree (B.Sc.) in geology/physics, diploma- 1 year, in geophysics Sana’a University, Yemen and Master of Science (M.Sc.) in IWRM from Cologne University, Germany& Jordan University.
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