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DescriptionExterne medewerker
OrganizationWageningen Plant Research
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Dr. Hein Korevaar studied Animal Husbandry and Nature Conservation at Wageningen University and Stellenbosch University (South Africa). He work focussed on the relationship between agriculture, nature conservation and environmental issues. In 1986 he finished his PhD thesis “Production and feeding value of grass from grassland with restrictions in use and in fertilization for nature conservation”. He worked for more than 40 years at different positions and institutes, mainly as head of research group, senior scientist or programme leader in different fields. At present, he is team manager for a group of 15 experienced researchers working on agro-biodiversity, land use studies, food security, adaptation to climate change, multifunctional land use, species rich grasslands and social care. He is involved in big European research projects on Dairy farming and Ecosystem services from permanent grasslands and in experimental work at regional and farm scale.

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