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Naamdr.ir. JD Hoogesteger van Dijk MSc

OmschrijvingAssistant Professor Groundwater Governance and Equity
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OrganisatieeenheidWater Resources Management
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I work at the intersection of water governance and development which I approach from a political ecology perspective. At present my main research focuses on understanding the relations between water technologies, (ground)water policies, users participation, agricultural production and rural livelihoods. Between 2015-2018 my research was funded by an NWO-WOTRO VENI grant entitled: Re-patterning water control: Vegetable agro-export chains, water rights and rural livelihoods in the Bajío, Mexico (see link to video). My research has focused mainly on Ecuador, Mexico and Spain.

My research contributes to a better understanding of how current globalized agro-export chains intermingle with water and agricultural policies, changing local water distribution and related rural livelihoods in the areas of production. It aims to understand:

a) how agricultural production and export chains change by whom, how and for what water is used,

b) how smallholder families and collectives that depend on irrigation cope with and resist these changes by adapting their livelihoods and production strategies, and

c) explore the scope and limitations of initiatives that try to link consumers with producers aiming to promote more socially and environmentally friendly production.

My research contributes to the current debates on the water-food nexus and its relations to water governance and development. I warmly welcome students interested on working in these areas of research both in Mexico and beyond. Just send me an e-mail.

  • Languages: Dutch, English, Spanish and working knowledge of German and Portuguese



Re-patterning water control: Vegetable agro-export chains, water rights and rural livelihoods in the Bajío, Mexico (2015-2019)  This researcha aims to better understand how in a context of a deepening neoliberalization, vegetable agro-export chains and related processes of global production and trade are shaping water governance processes and geographies of uneven development through a transformation of local water use realities. This research will be carried out in the Bajío region of Guanajuato, central Mexico. Funded NWO-WOTRO. Project leader J. Hoogesteger. 

Drip Irrigation Realities in Perspective (2014-2015). As a Post-Doc in the project I focus on understanding a) how drip irrigation is spread by different actors, and b) how this technology shapes and is shaped by  water use practices and governance through discourses and the agency of the tubes and pipes that make drip systems. Funded by NWO. Project leader M.Z. Zwarteveen.

Struggling for water security: Social mobilization for the defence of water rights in Peru and Ecuador (2008-2013). This research project focused on better understanding how water users organization, their federations and networks have developed as a means for peasant and indigenous communities to influence water governance and its outcomes. As one of the four PhD researchers of this project, I focused my research on the irrigators of the Ecuadorian Highlands and coordinated the joint PhD activities of this project. In this research I studied the histories and relations of institutional reforms, scale, democracy, social capital, water rights and water justice. Funded by NWO-WOTRO. Project leader R. Boelens.

Strenghtening Participatory Grounwater Management (2006-2007). This research focused on strenghtening the skills and capacities of two selected Groundwater Management Commitees (COTAS) in the state of Guanajuato Mexico. Project partners MetaMeta, WaterWatch and CEAG. Funded by Partners for Water.


I welcome students interested in doing research and/or an internship in any of these themes.




I have been engaged in several courses of the Bachelors and the Masters International Water Management at Wageningen University. I am interested in supervising BSc and MSc thesis on issues that touch on my past, present and future research.
  • WRM-34806 - Water, Society & Technology - concepts and debates
  • WRM-60309 - Sustainable Land and Water Management in Spain
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