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Ashenafi Hailu Gunnabo was born from his mother Elifinesh Eshalo Seko and father Hailu Gunnabo Kane'a in Gidole in 17/01/1983. He attended elementary school in Gidole Ediget Elementary School and secondary and Higher schools in Arba Minch Kulfo and Arba Minch Comperhensive High Schools respectively. In 2001, he took Ethiopian  School Leaving Certificate Examination (ESLCE) and got a point that allowed him to join Debube university (now named  as Hawassa University) in 2002. From the University, he was graduated with B.Sc. in Applied Biology in July, 2006. Right after his graduation, he joined a research team from Stanford University (USA) and Ghidansk University (Poland) and conducted diversity study of Birds (local and migratory) in Nech Sar National Park, Ethiopia. Then he joined Southern Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) as junior researcher of fishery and aquaculture and served for three years. In 2008, he joined Hawassa University for M.Sc. study in Microbiology. After graduating from Hawassa University, he was employeed by Wolaita Sodo University (SNNPR, Ethioipia) as a lecturer and researcher in Microbiology and served for two years. In, 2014, he has continued this Sandwitch PhD study at Wageningen University by the support of N2Africa project.



Understand Legume Genotype X  Rhizobium Strain Interactions in Common bean and Chickpea.

Legume-rhizobium symbiosis is one of the mutualistic interactions by which atmospheric nitrogen is fixed and enriches  the soil nitrogen content. This symbiotic inteaction is limited by various factors such as the plant genotypes, the rhizobial strains, the soil environment, etc. Thus, understanding the mechanism of host legume genotype X  rhizobial strains interactions can be used to formulate inoculum development for legume crop inoculation and thereby improve their grain yield.

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