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Nameir. LL de Rooij MSc

Job details
DescriptionSenior Researcher -Research by Design / landscape architect
OrganizationWageningen Environmental Research
Organization UnitRegional Development and Spatial Use
Phone+31 317 481 723
Secretarial phone+31 317 481 798
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Fax+31 317 419 000
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Visiting addressDroevendaalsesteeg 3
Postal addressPostbus 47
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Side activities
  • Head of Company Emergency Response Team (BHV) - Wageningen University & Research
    Feb 2015 - Present

    Every company or institute is obliged by law to take measures in the field of internal Company Emergency Relief (BHV). This is the emergency relief in case of undesired situations, like fire and accidents, within the organisation and its buildings, that threaten the safety or health of employees and visitors. Wageningen University & Research values safety for its visitors, employees and students. Our organisation has a professional company emergency response team (BHV). Among staff emergency response workers are appointed. The Environmental Sciences Group (ESG) works closely with the unit Corporate Staff(CS+) regarding BHV.

  • Fire fighter - Veiligheidsregio (Safety Region) Gelderland Midden
    Oct 2005 - Present

    Voluntary fire fighter at Fire Brigade Gelderland Midden -Fire Station Wageningen. Active in different functions, like skipper/instructor, operator areal platfrom vehicle, driver and First Reponder. Besides member trauma relief team and mentor.

  • Advisor of the committee - Federatie Behoudt de Langstraatspoorbruggen
    Sep 1999 - Present

    The Federation Behoudt de Langstraatspoorbruggen is founded in 1987 to preserve and restore the historical Railway bridges of the former Railway s Hertogenbosch-Lage Zwaluwe in the Langstaat region and to reprogram the route for slow traffic, hiking and bicycling. In 2013 the reprogramming is awarded with the Europa Nostra Award (The Jury greatly appreciated the many aspects of this project as a combination of private and public initiatives in the fields of planning, infrastructure, nature conservation and heritage).||I am active as advisor of the committee since 1999. At first I focused on the development of the Halve Zolenpark in Waalwijk, the longest bicycle park of the Netherlands (opened in 2007). At present I advice the committee on spatial planning process and spatial quality.

Expert Profile
  • Research by Design
  • Landscape approach
  • Integral and interactive planning
  • Process facilitator
  • Concept and vision development
  • Strategy and implementation
  • Visualisation
Social media
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Key publications


Internship coordinator Landscape Architecture Group (2016-2018)

Guest lecturer:
- Post-disaster planning and design (2015)
- Methods and techniques for planning (2015)
- Climate change governance (2015)
- Climate Adaptation Planning (2016)
- Climate Change Governance (2016)
- Climate Change Governance (2017)

Supervisor/topic teacher:
- BSc thesis landscape architecture (2015)
- BSc Studio Site Design (2017/2018)

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