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Nameir. LL de Rooij MSc

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DescriptionSenior Researcher -Research by Design / landscape architect
OrganizationWageningen Environmental Research
Organization UnitRegional Development and Spatial Use
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  • Voorzitter - Personeelsvereniging Brandweer Wageningen
    Mar 2022 - Present

  • Advisor of the committee - Federatie Behoudt de Langstraatspoorbruggen
    Sep 1999 - Present

    The mission of the Federation Behoudt de Langstraatspoorbruggen is to preserve, restore and reprogram the historical Railway bridges of the former Railway s Hertogenbosch-Lage Zwaluwe in the Langstaat region as valuable heritage and regional, attractive slow traffic route. ||The reprogramming is awarded with the Europa Nostra Award in 2013. ||I am active as advisor of the committee on spatial planning and quality since 1999 and have been the inspirator for the longest bicycle park of the Netherlands.


Working together on vibrant and resilient landscapes. Landscapes that evolve and landscapes that transform without losing intrinsic values and their natural basis. Landscapes that breath quality because they are loved and useful. Landscapes that reflect society and its needs. Landscapes that connect.

In more than 20 years of experience as a landscape architect, I have worked on a broad variety of assignments, in numerous areas and themes, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Considering that almost all societal challenges come together in the same spatial context, the landscape, my focus is on creating enabling environments at different scales together with all involved. That is why I specialized in creating enabling environments that offer opportunities and bring together the challenges, at different scales and always togther with all stakeholders.

I work on rooted and nature based solutions, climate adaptation and risk reduction, sustainable and resilient food systems and migration. Always from and with a spatial perspective.  

The heart of my approach is to connect, to innovate and to inspire.  By bringing people, knowledge, needs and desires together. Creating common understanding, building bridges and visualizing envisioned futures, via clear storylines and appealing visualisation.

With an open attitute, humor and passion. Creativity, flexibility, promptness and thoroughness, are words that characterise me well. I also bring in a strong sense for political and social relations, new developments and phenomena. I value direct actions and follow-up; hands-on by nature. From vision to implementation.

A shared, inspiring, activating story with a powerful spatial perspective, in which the natural system and the societal challenges come together and long term ambitions are connected to short term action perspectives; that will make the difference!

As such, we work together on a healthy, sustainable and resilient living environment, now and in the future!

Registered landscape architect (SBA Netherlands)
Member of NVTL (Dutch Association of Landscape Architects)

Expert Profile
  • Research by Design
  • Landscape approach
  • Integral and interactive planning
  • Process facilitator
  • Concept and vision development
  • Strategy and implementation
  • Visualisation
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 A nature-based future for the Netherlands in 2120 

The Netherlands faces major challenges: the energy transition, transition toward sustainable agriculture, restoring biodiversity, urbanisation and climate adaptation. It is inevitable that the Netherlands will look much different in a hundred years. These challenges require big changes and a new narrative for the Netherlands.

How will the Netherlands look like if we choose for a narrative in which nature and natural processes are at the core? Together with a multidisciplinary team a perspective has been drawn in which economic development and a nature-inclusive society go hand in hand. Not as a blueprint, but for inspiration and to put current challenges and major transitions in a shared perspective.

Feeding cities and migration

Cities all over the world are ever-expanding. But how do you feed the growing and complex cities? How are the (functional) connections between the urban and rural areas? Which relations are there between the environment, the social economic system and the food system? And which interaction is there between other major transitions and challenges, like climate adaptation and natural resource management?

Within ‘Feeding cities and migration’ interdisciplinary knowledge is being brought together to work on strategic interventions and practical solutions for sustainable, resilient and robust (urban) food systems in Africa and Asia. Spatial analysis and development, demographic change including migration and informal knowledge and systems play a crucial role.

Area based Wildfire risk reduction

Wildfires are an exceptional natural phenomena. Depending on size, intensity and surroundings, wild fires can have a large impact on nature, society and economy. Even in the Netherlands we see increasing numbers and size of wild fires due to a changing climate. It is of utmost importance to keep wildfires manageable. Not only repression is crucial, especially the spatial design and nature management can offer opportunities. The Wageningen Fire Centre researches the different aspects of wildfires, the impact and the opportunities to limit effects. In example, the climate effect atlas (only in Dutch) and the climate cost estimater show the expected effects of a changing climate on the number of wildfires and their impact. Besides, knowledge and experiences from the water management expertise is used to develop new spatial strategies and approaches.

Climate robust brook valleys Noordoost Brabant: in perspective 2050 (only in Dutch)

How could the region of Noordoost Brabant with its characteristic streams look like in the future? 
We have drawn a spatial perspective for a climate robust and resilient brook landscape in 2050. It offers inspiration and guidance for an integrated climate robust approach of the brook landscapes, in which a long term perspective brings in action perspective for the short term.


Internship coordinator Landscape Architecture Group (2016-2018)

Guest lecturer:
- Post-disaster planning and design (2015)
- Methods and techniques for planning (2015)
- Climate change adaptation and governance | WCDI International Short Courses for mid-career Professionals(2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)
- Food Security in an Urbanising society | WCDI International Short Courses for mid-career Professionals (2019, 2020)

Supervisor/topic teacher:
- BSc thesis landscape architecture (2015)
- BSc Studio Site Design (2017/2018)

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