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Jeanine Ahishakiye is a PhD researcher. She holds an MSc in Human Nutrition from Ghent University in Belgium. Her research seeks to understand the socio-physical environment driving infant feeding practices among Rwandan households.



 Research project title: Understanding the socio- physical environment driving infant and young child feeding practices in Rwandan households: A salutogenic approach.

The study departs from the problematic issue of chronic malnutrition among underfive years old children that hits Sub-Saharan African countries among them Rwanda. In Rwanda, 38 % of underfive children are chronically malnourished. Therefore, most of the most nutritional studies and programs have focused on common factors that contribute to poor growth rather than on factors that support good growth. This study aims at understanding the socio-physical environment driving infant and young child feeding practices in Rwandan households by use of the salutogenic approach. The utmost interest throughout this study is not in the households with malnourished children, yet in those households who manage to raise their children well, despite adversity. This interest is driven by the recognition that a focus on the malnourished only provides indications of how families fail but not of how they succeed in maintaining child nutrition in the face of adversity. The study uses the theoretical framework of salutogenesis that centralizes the question on what creates health.  The main research question that will be addressed is what are the mechanisms and factors leading to the successful feeding, caring and health seeking practices “hidden solutions” that enable some households to raise well-nourished children. A mixed method approach including focus group discussions, observational data and in depth interviews will be used to get insight into factors and mechanisms that drive to optimal infant and young child feeding practices in the context of everyday life


2009- September 2011: Gent University, Belgium

Degree awarded: Msc in Nutrition and Rural development

Main Subject : Human Nutrition

Master dissertation : Influence of agricultural production techniques on food security in Burundi.

Case study of  Ngozi Province

2000-2006 : National University Of Rwanda

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Science in Education of Biology

1992-1998: Secondary School diploma of Education

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