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OrganizationDepartment of Plant Sciences
Organization UnitPlant Production Systems


Wilson is an emerging scientist with technical expertise in animal sciences, analysis of farming systems, crop-livestock value chains and sustainable agri-food-feed systems. He started his career in agricultural extension in Tanzania in 2009 and thereafter engaged in various agricultural research and development projects from 2014 to date. His current research project focuses on exploring the role of the integrated maize-soybean-chicken value chains in sustainable food systems in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. He holds an MSc in Animal Sciences from Wageningen University with a specialization in global and sustainable production. Wilson is passionate about research and development projects focusing on improving food and nutritional security and the livelihood of pro-poor communities in a sustainable way.

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MSc Animal Sciences (Global and Sustainable Production), Wageningen University, 2017;

BSc Animal Science, Sokoine University of Agriculture: Morogoro, Tanzania, 2013;

Diploma in Animal Production, LITI-Tengeru-Arusha, Tanzania, 2009.

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