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Name JP Carvalho Nunes PhD

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OrganizationDepartment of Environmental Sciences
Organization UnitSoil Physics and Land Management
Secretarial phone+31 317 486 229
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Visiting addressDroevendaalsesteeg 3
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Ancillary activities
  • Research - FCiencias.ID
    Nov 2020 - Present

    Participation in ongoing research projects at the University of Lisbon on the impacts of fires on soil and water processes.

  • Associate Editor - International Soil and Water Conservation Research
    Jan 2019 - Present

    ISWCR is an international journal listed in the SCI. My role is to handle a few manuscripts per year as Editor, i.e. managing reviewers and making decisions on publication.

  • Specialized Commission Member - Portuguese Water Resources Association
    Jan 2018 - Present

    Member of the Specialized Commission on Water, Agriculture and Forests, which is a group of Portuguese experts from academia and the agriculture sector, tasked with organizing scientific and technical dissemination activities on these topics.


I study the link between hydrological processes, soil erosion and water contamination, and land  and water management; i.e., socio-hydrological systems. I specialize in analyzing how disturbances – short-term, high-magnitude disturbances such as wildfires or severe droughts; or longer-term climatic and land-use changes – affect socio-hydrological impacts as a whole. I am particularly interested on how land management can exacerbate or mitigate negative impacts, especially through nature-based solutions.

My main tool is hydrological modelling, coupled with field and satellite data for robustness, and with climate and land-use models for scenario assessment. Mos of my work has been done in the Mediterranean, but I also have some experience with China, Indonesia and northern Europe. I increasingly link my models with socio-economic research about land and water management processes, from farms to water resource use, aiming to account for both the biophysical and socioeconomic components of global change in land and water management.

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  • SLM-10306 - Land Degradation and Remediation
  • SLM-30806 - Land Degradation & Development
  • SLM-31306 - Fundamentals of Land Management
  • SLM-70224 - MSc Internship Soil Physics and Land Management
  • SLM-70324 - MSc Internship Soil Physics and Land Management
  • SLM-79224 - MSc Research Practice Soil Physics and Land Management
  • SLM-79324 - MSc Research Practice Soil Physics and Land Management
  • SLM-80324 - MSc Thesis Soil Physics and Land Management
  • SLM-80336 - MSc Thesis Soil Physics and Land Management
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