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I have background of Human/Physical Geography (Bachelor), and Soil Sciences (Master) - Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil), Agricultral Extension (brokerage) and Ethnoecology (research experience and teaching as permanent lecturer in the Federal Institute of Minas Gerais - Brazil). I have done research since 2006 mainly focused on understanding and supporting the land (resource) use and management of Brazilian local communities (peasants, maroons and indigenous), and to assist the land use planning of peasants linked to social movements who owned lands.

 I research the interplay between social groups and nature for land (natural resources) use and management witihn the lansdscape and territorial context, centered on socioecological networks (knowledge, practices and worldviews - k-p-w) to understand priority social, ecological and institutional criteria to be considered in the implementation of participatory land use/environmental planning and adaptive co-management. The goal is to use this scope of study to improve : i) inclusion of local k-p-w in the implementation of (non)governmental and academic projects with communities such as indigenous, maroons and peasants; ii) support environmental and ethnical conservation for biocultural diversity maintenance; iii) social inclusion and food/territorial sovereignty of local communities. Therefore, I work with participation of citizens in environmental knowledge construction, also known as citizen science, as well as knowledge exchange and co-production associated with soils and landscape related ecosystem services, classificatory systems, agricultural indicators for land use/management, mapping of agri-food systems geographical sidtribution, integrated land use/management, local governance/agency before brokerage/policies, values, beliefs and aspirations related to land use and management. Moreover, understanding of landscape dynamics associated to territorial performativity and local identities within different temporal-spatial,multidimensional and multilevel scales are focused as means to better comprehend local land use logic, and hence reduce uncertainty of future scenarions and raise awareness of possible implications of brokerage and technical recommendation involved in the participatory land use and management planning. Diverse methods are applied in these studies (from social and natural sciences) such as discourse analysis, grounded-theory and GIS, soil sampling, aiming at allying different types of assessments to enrich the diagnosis of local contexts for action.

I have performed research in partnership with NGO, University, governmental entities such as Embrapa. At the moment I have a license from my job as Lecturer to do my PhD (from 2015 to 2019) in WUR, where I research challenges and possibilities to integrate local knwoledge, practices and worlsviews of indigenous peoples into  land use/environmental policy implementation. I am studying a policy articulated to the  REDD+ program.

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