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Dr Michele Dalla Fontana is currently a postdoc Marie Curie Fellow at the Environmental Policy group. He has expertise in environmental governance, climate change adaptation, urban sustainability and the water-energy-food nexus. His current research under the project "Human mobility and climate change in the European context (HOME)" is financed by the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research & Innovation Programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Grant Agreement No. 101065512. Dr Dalla Fontana investigates the climate change-human mobility nexus in the European context. He focuses both on local experiences and practices of environmental changes and mobility, and on how they are nested in power dynamics that produce an unequal distribution of climate change effects and shape im/mobility decision-making responses. In particular, he looks at human mobility in the context of sudden and short-term (i.e. wildfires) and slow-onset and long-term (i.e. SLR) environmental events in Portugal.

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  • PhD (distinction magna cum laude) in Regional Planning and Public Policies, University IUAV of Venice, Italy, 2018. Visiting periods at the Environmental Policy Group, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, and at the Faculty of Public Health, University of São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Master’s degree (110/110 cum laude) in Policy and Planning for Cities, Environment and Landscape, University IUAV of Venice, Italy, 2013.
  • Bachelor's degree in Geography, University of Padova, Italy, 2010.
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