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Sawitree Chamsai graduated her Bachelor in Fisheries Sciences from Kasetsart University, Thailand. Right after her study, she started working as a research assistant at the Phuket Marine Biological Center, and the Department of Fisheries, respectively, before continuing her tertiary degree at the Asian Institute of Technology. After graduation, she took part in the resilient livelihood project for local community in the Southern part of Thailand with the Coastal Resources Institute of the Prince of Songkla University. After that, she has been working with the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center as a policy and program officer since 2009. Her tasks mainly involve the technical exchange in aquaculture between countries in the Southeast Asia, development of ASEAN Catch Documentation Scheme which aims to improve traceability of seafood products and also drafting fisheries policy recommendations as requested by the ASEAN Member States.

Currently, she is taking study leave for a PhD study at the Environmental Policy Group of the Wageningen University. She is joining 'Supermarket supported area-based management and certification of aquaculture in Southeast Asia' so called 'SUPERSEAS' project. Her research focuses on 'Inclusive value chain models for area based aquaculture certification'. She is looking for an effective way for area-based business models for sustainable aquaculture especially smallholder aquaculture in the Southeast Asian countries. 


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