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OrganisatieeenheidBosecologie en Bosbeheer
OrganisatieDepartement Omgevingswetenschappen
OrganisatieeenheidBosecologie en Bosbeheer
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PPS Effectief klimaatgroen Within this project the benefits of urban trees are examined to support city-planner tools for climate-resilient species selection. Here, we specifically look into the mitigation of urban heat stress on a local scale. Measurements are done on various tree species, tree characteristics, and street configurations to elucidate the reasons for the found differences between tree species. Simultaneously, street configurations with varying green types are build within a model environment using ENVImet to digitally assess the effectiveness of cooling during days of heat stress. 

Sensing the Soil To progress to more sustainable agricultural systems wherin resources are sustainably managed, we need to gather more data on field variability. This can be achieved by making more use of (but also improve) sensoring techniques. In this project steps are made to assess the performance alongside the applicability of an array of soil moisture sensors and soil scanners through experimental design. 

SunBiose Can we combine solar panel systems with agricultural fields in such a way that the system remains profitable? In this project we experimentally test the potential of the combining agri-PV systems and four crops (strawberry, raspberry, red currant, and pear). We monitor aspects such as light interception, plant growth, yields, water usage, required pest-and disease control. We hope with this project to find options how to create multi-purpose agricultural land use. 


Supervision of Soil Geography MSc students from Wageningen Univeristy & Research

Supervision of students from Hall Larenstein commissioned by Wageningen Plant Research. 

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