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DescriptionGuest researcher
OrganizationDepartment of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences
Organization UnitFood Quality and Design


I’m a nutritionist with a strong background in food science. After 20 years of career at Parma University (Italy) as an associate professor in Human Nutrition, I moved to Udine University (Italy). In 2017, I spent my sabbatical year in Food Quality and Design group at Wageningen University, since I have been collaborating for ages with the chair of the group. It was an awesome experience, therefore I decided to have an ongoing collaboration with the group. Now I have a contract to be here a week per month and mainly to supervise the BSc, MSc, and PhD students during their thesis period.
I’m authors of more than 150 publications on indexed journals covering many aspects of Food Science and Nutrition. These papers received more than 21.725 citations and I have a last 20 years h-index = 48. In 2014, 2015 and 2017, I was listed in the Thomson Reuters list of the highly cited researchers in the Agricultural Sciences category ( My expertise is focused mainly on the evaluation of the nutritional quality of foods (mainly antioxidants and functional components) while taking into consideration the effects of technological and domestic processes on these components. I have knowledge in the design and implementation of dietary human intervention trials assessing the effect of foods and diet on several cardiovascular and degenerative disease risk factors and in the evaluation of the nutritional quality of carbohydrate-rich foods and their effects on human health. Recently I extended my research interests to include the dietary habits of celiac patients as well as the quality of gluten-free products. 

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Master in Food Science and Technology at the University of Milan (Italy)

PhD in Human Nutrition at the University of Milan (Italy)

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