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DescriptionTeam Leader Mushroom Research
OrganizationWageningen Plant Research
Organization UnitPlant Breeding
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  • Netwerken met andere paddenstoelen onderzoekers in China - Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU)
    Oct 2017 - Oct 2022

    Bezoeken aan de FAFU maken het gemakkelijker om via dit contact het netwerk met andere paddenstoelen onderzoekers in China uit te breiden.


My mission is to explore and expand the applications of mushroom forming fungi in the bio-based economy, bio-materials, cultivation of existing and new mushrooms, and new applications in medicine.


I am Arend van Peer, team leader of Mushroom Research at Plant Breeding of Wageningen University & Research. I manage a team of 8 professionals consisting of PIs, Postdocs and Technicians. My other roles include acquisition, project management, education and consultancy, and exchange of information through our various international networks and industries. For this, I run projects varying from a fundamental and publicly funded nature up to strictly confidential private partnerships.


My interest in fungi started during my Masters in Biology at the RijksUniversiteit Groningen. I was intrigued by their physiology, genetics and biotechnological applications. During my PhD thesis on the Splitgill Mushroom at the University of Utrecht, my focus centred on mushroom forming fungi. I soon realized that studies on applications of mushroom forming fungi, other than as crops, were only just emerging. A whole unknown and exiting world was awaiting exploration! The following eight years I dedicated to studies on the genetics and development of mushroom forming fungi in South Korea (Postdoc), Japan (JSPS Research Fellow) and China (Professor). At WUR I continue to explore new applications of mushroom forming fungi, and where I am coordinating the setup of the European Mushroom Working Group.


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  • PBR-30806 - Design of Plant Breeding Programmes
  • PHP-50306 - The Magic of Mushroom and Mould Biology
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