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OrganizationDepartment of Environmental Sciences
Organization UnitForest Ecology and Forest Management
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Mo Tu We Th Fr
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  • Member - Pro Silva Nederland
    Jan 2006 - Present

    Member of Pro Silva contributing to excursions.

  • Forester/ forest ecologist - Bosgroep Zuid Nederland
    Jun 2005 - Present

    Forest management and consulting forest owners


Forests are fascinating ecosystems capable of providing a broad variety of ecosystem services. When soundly managed they can do so indefinitely while maintaining high biodiversity. As a forester I am particularly interested in how forests can be managed to maintain ecosystem functioning and produce timber at the same time. In the Netherlands I am convinced forest management can both increase biodiversity as well as the income from timber simultaneously.

The broad topic of silviculture is my main research interest. I am particularly interested in continuous cover management strategies and how a shift from more regular forestry systems towards more complex single-tree selection management strategies work in practise. Both in the how and why of the management interventions and the financial implications of such management.

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