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OrganizationDepartment of Social Sciences
Organization UnitUrban Economics
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Visiting addressHollandseweg 1
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  • Member International Board of the Amsterdam Economic Board - Amsterdam Economic Board
    Jan 2021 - Jan 2025

    The IAB meets about four times a year and provides the Board with input from an international perspective, by pointing out important examples and trends and by keeping the Board sharp with critical questions and advice. The IAB members all have an international position or background, but work for an organization in our region.

  • voorstellen beoordelen, reageren en advies gaan de minister - Ministerie van LNV
    Dec 2020 - Dec 2025

    In december 2020 is de adviescommissie gestart met haar werkzaamheden om de minister van LNV te voorzien van adviezen bij aanvragen voor statusaanwijzing van een gebied als nationaal park. In haar algemeenheid ligt de bevoegdheid voor het aanwijzen en intrekken van de status van een nationaal park bij de minister van LNV. De Wet Natuurbescherming is het formele beoordelingskader voor de statusaanvragen.

  • Vice-president European Regional Sciene Association - European Regional Science Association
    Jan 2019 - Jan 2025

    The European Regional Science Association (ERSA) is the supranational grouping of national regional science associations across Europe.||The main functions of ERSA, apart from promoting the field of regional science, are to organize an Annual European Congress, an Annual Summer School, the EPAINOS prize for young scientists and the ERSA European Prize in Regional Science to recognize outstanding regional scientists.||ERSA members are academics, policy professionals and researchers interested in spatial economics and planning, regional and local development and related issues. They are drawn largely from the disciplines of economics, geography and planning. There are presently 20 active associations (commonly named sections), some, such as the German or French speaking sections, organized on linguistic groupings and covering more than one country. Constituent associations range in size from more than 700 members to 27. The largest sections have their own national professional organizers. In total, ERSA has some 3500 members in its constituent associations.


Eveline van Leeuwen (1978) graduated in Land Use Planning (MSc) at the Wageningen University in 2002 and obtained a PhD in Economics at VU Amsterdam on the thesis entitled "Towns today : Contemporary Functions of Small and Medium-sized Towns in the Rural Economy" in 2008. She is now affiliated to Wageningen University as professor and chairholder of the Urban Economics group.

Eveline has a broad interest in economic and social interactions between places at the regioal and urban level and how these interactions impact wellbeing/happiness; economic activities and participation. In her research, she focusses on the integration of micro- and macro approaches in the field of regional science. Linking agent-based modelling and microsimulation, with macro models is an important common thread. This novel approach was rewarded with two best paper awards and resulted in several invited presentations.

Currently, Eveline and her group are working on how social and physical neighbourhood characteristics contribute to individual level decisions. They focus on sustainable energy consumption and the uptake of renewable energy, local participation and social networks, and healthy lifestyles.

In addition, at the regional level, a project on the opportunities for regional food systems and the preferences of urban consumers will start early 2018.

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