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Ma Di Wo Do Vr


I have found it challenging and exciting to get involved in keeping ornamental fish since I was a child. Questions related to technique to breed these lovely pet fish and search for suitable feeds of fish larvae inspired me to pursue Bachelor degree at CanTho university, Vietnam. I had three years after graduation of this course spent employing for barramundi hatchery, shrimp farm and pangasius nursery where I got involved in breeding, feeding and cultivating live feed for these fish. Before going to the Netherlands for Phd, I completed my master course at University of Tasmania, Australia with a strong focus on nutrition of barramundi fingerlings to investigate whether the lysine requirement of these fish is dependent on the dietary energy level. My current study's aim is to develop the net energy evaluation system for fish feed, which is expected to improve the sustainability of fish feed by supplying the more accurate value of feed energy.

My direct supervisor is Dr. Ir. Johan Schrama



Net energy evaluation system for fish feed (Sep 2017 - Sep 2021)

Background: To provide fish with feed meeting their energy requirement, it is important to know the net energy (NE) value of aquaculture feed, which is partially contributed by three key macronutrients (i.e. protein, lipid and carbohydrate). To facilitate this evaluation, we need to develop the NE system, which can perform effectively across various factors (i.e. species, weight, environment).


Objectives: This project aims to assess if species, weight and environmental factors have any effects on the NE feed evaluation system.




Nutritional experiment, digestibility, modelling and multiple regression (SAS)



 2007 - 2011 BSc in Aquaculture at CanTho University, Vietnam

2015 - 2016 MSc in Marine Environment with specification in Aquaculture, University of Tasmania, Australia

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