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Naam HA Schellekens MSc

OrganisatieDepartement Maatschappijwetenschappen
OrganisatieeenheidOperationele Research en Logistiek
OmschrijvingOnderwijs medewerker
OrganisatieDepartement Maatschappijwetenschappen
OrganisatieeenheidOperationele Research en Logistiek
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    sep 2020 - Nu


Harmke Schellekens studied Economics at Utrecht University from 2013 until 2017. In paralel, she worked at De Werkplaats Kindergemeenschap to obtain her teacher degree in economics. Moreover, as a BSc student, she has been working as manager of KlasseStudent in Utrecht for two years, developing creative solutions for various types of educational institutes in Utrecht. She conducted her BSc thesis at the Ministry of Education, where she investigated the impact of competition in Dutch upper secondary vocational education on the extent of mismatch for labor market entrants.

In 2017, Harmke started her MSc program at Wageningen University. With the Operations Research and Logistics (ORL) group, she started her Master thesis on industrial symbiosis in food clusters, commissioned by Wageningen Metropolitan Food Clusters, during which she co-developed and executed workshops on food clusters in both Moscow (June 2019) and Singapore (October 2019) under the direction of dr. Peter Smeets.

Right after her graduate internship with Albert Heijn, in which she conducted a preliminary investigation into the extent of circularity in its pork supply chain, Harmke entered the labor market as education officer of the ORL group. She focuses on optimizing various internal processes within WUR, develops and chairs thesis rings, and is involved in research of the ORL group.

  • Thesis ring ontwikkelaar, begeleiden studenten
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