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OrganizationWageningen Food Safety Research
Organization UnitBU Authenticity & Bioassays
OrganizationDepartment of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences
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Zhijun Wang obtained his BSc and MSc in food science at Nanchang University, Nanchang, China. His previous study is involved in structure-function relationships of plant polysaccharides.

He is currently in PhD career of food integrity and authenticity studies at Wageningen University. His research interests centre around the innovative fingerprinting technology against food fraud and effective risk mitigation strategies. His current research is correlation research into the geographical features, management system and banana compositions.

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Origin of  bananas: composition and Authenticity

The aim of the present project is to develop an innovative authenticity method of bananas.


A variety of chemical analysis, spectra and chromatographic analysis techniques were used to establish the fingerprint of  bananas. The roles of geographical and management systems also will be studied. Based on chemometrics application, we could provide a concept for the relationship between geographical origin, management systems and compositions of bananas.

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