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Naamir. JMJ van Veen-Borsboom

OrganisatieDirectie en staf Sciences Groups
OrganisatieeenheidPlant Sciences Group
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Being a communications advisor at Wageningen University & Research means disclosing scientific innovation and its impact on our daily lives, in a clear and comprehensible manner to all. I specifically advise the researcher of Plant Sciences Group how to get their research in the limelight. What do you want to achieve with your research or results? What is your message? Who is your audience? How can we reach them? Which platforms do they use for information? Based on this information we can create a communications strategy, which can consist of online and offline tools.

My interest in marketing communications started during my bachelor in Commercial Economics. I specialized in Marketing and Consumer behavior during my Master Agricultural and Environmental Economics at WUR. My career started in the private sector, in which marketing related activities were predominant. Developing international sales – and profit driven strategies to promote products for the B2B market requires a special approach. After working 10 years in the commercial and industrial sector I returned to my agricultural Alma Mater.

The best thing about working at WUR is to realize that everyone you work with shares the same ‘green’ hart. We make it our daily business to explore the potential of nature. We search for solutions for the challenges facing us: overpopulation, exhaustion of natural resources and climate change, to name a few. Nevertheless, I am convinced that when we engage our knowledge, commitment and drive we will find the answers together.

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Increasing global crop productivity will be central in meeting some of the greatest challenges facing human kind: How will we sustainably feed 9.7 billion people by 2050, while realizing the required transition from a fossil economy towards a bio-economy in order to mitigate and possibly reverse the effects of global climate change? Additionally, how can we provide new crops cultivars adapted to the constraints imposed across vast areas by climate change? A doubling of global crop productivity is required to produce enough plant biomass to achieve food and nutrition security, as well as to meet the demands of a future bioeconomy.


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