Naamdr. WH Noordman

OmschrijvingBusiness Unit Manager Biobased Products
OrganisatieWageningen Food & Biobased Research
OrganisatieeenheidBiobased Products - Overige
Telefoon+31 317 483 088
Telefoon secretariaat+31 317 480 094
Telefoon 2
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BezoekadresBornse Weilanden 9
  • Member of the Board - KIEMT
    apr 2021 - Nu

    The KIEMT Foundation is a network organisation that supports businesses, local governments, schools and universities in the energy transition and circular economy


Wageningen Food and Biobased research is a contract research organization, part of Wageningen University and Research. In the business unit Biobased Products, 120 experts design and develop solutions to enable the transition to a circular and biobased economy using expertise in valorisation and conversion of biomass into renewable chemicals and materials.

Our vision: a circular and biobased economy technologically made possible and economically viable. We believe that industry, governments and research organisations need to join forces to realise transition agendas, e.g. to reduce GHG by 49% in 2030 and 80% in 2050, thereby effectively addressing the challenge of climate change and securing quality of life

Our mission is to design and accelerate the transition to a circular and biobased economy using our expertise in valorisation and conversion of biomass into renewable chemicals and materials. To explore the potential of nature to technologically enable the transition towards a circular and biobased economy

I am a Research and Development executive with 18 years of experience in food, specialty ingredients, pharmaceutical excipients and biobased products, both in international B2B and B2C contexts.

My functional expertise:

  • Research and development excellence: product development, process technology development, customer technical support, research, competence and knowledge management
  • Innovation leadership and execution: product and business model innovation, delivery and exploration, directing towards commercially viable solutions
  • Team and organization: Leading, empowering and developing people and high performance teams also in changing environment
  • Open innovation and partnerships: Experienced practitioner in open innovation, alliances, co-development and partnerships
  • Subject matter expertise: Biobased materals, Dairy science and technology, Nutrition, Clinical trials, Food, Nutrition, Fermentation, Specialty ingredients, Excipients

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