Naam S Tetteh

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OrganisatieeenheidKennis, Technologie and Innovatie


Seth Tetteh is PhD Candidate in the Knowledge, Technology and Innovation (KTI) Group. He had his bachelor degree in BSc Agricultural Extension and Community Development at University of Cape Coast (in Ghana), and master degree in Development and Rural Innovation at Wageningen University and Research - where he focused his studies on Knowledge, Technology and Innovation.

He has strong interest in science and technology studies, inclusive and responsible innovation, upstream public engagement, social justice and rural development. His past research works focus on improving rural livelihood and engaging the GMO debate in Ghana and in the UK. A paper from his research was nominated for oral presentation in the eighth Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD-2020).

Currently, he is working on the research theme: ‘Social Differentiation and Interdependencies in Soil Fertility Systems in Ghana’. His overall motivation for accepting and starting this PhD challenge is to interrogate and understand how scaling interventions in the agricultural sector can be responsibly orchestrated to meet the diverse needs of farmers and to make Ghana’s food system more productive. He plans to do this by engaging a variety of actors and stakeholders, identify the key bottlenecks and the appropriate innovation support packages relevant to achieving impact at scale.

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