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In the pursuit of making coffee supply chains risk free socially, economically and environmentally

I have worked in coffee in various capacities over the last two years. I wrote my final year thesis with BMO group at WUR  on how informal institutions affect decision making for women coffee farmers in South India? I have been focused on understanding the experiences of women coffee farmers through qualitative interview technique. I conducted my fieldwork in Chikumagalur, Karnataka, India in November 2019 to collect primary data. The intersection between rural development, livelihoods and gender was the core principles that drove this thesis.

I have also worked with a coffee roastery in the Netherlands  in identifying social and environmental risks in the coffee and tea value chain. I developed a study that could be customized for different coffee professionals in the value chain. Through this study, I discovered various points which could be converted into interventions at grassroots in order to reduce the risks present in the value chain.

During my brief time working at a coffee shop in India, I learnt a lot about the hospitality and retail sector with a contextual understanding. I was running operations and was also taking care of all areas of cafe management.

I am interested to contribute to the coffee value chain in India as much as around the world. Through a project titled The Coffee Miners , I am co- conceptualizing building an immersive digital platform that captures the bean to cup journey of Indian coffee value chain through different social, economic and environmental lenses.

Current focus includes Human rights issues in Agri Value chains, Social and economic risks in the agri valye chain especially with coffee and cocoa 

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Master's in Technology with a Specialization in Food Innovation and Management from Wageningen University and Research (2020), B.Tech Chemical Engineering (2017)

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