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Gianmaria Tassinari started his Sandwich PhD at AEP in June 2018. He gained solid knowledge in technical aspects of agriculture, animal and environmental science during his undergraduate degree in animal production science, whereas his master’s degree enhanced his knowledge and analytical skills in the area of agricultural economics. Both programmes (undergraduate and postgraduate) provided him a thorough understanding of macro- and micro-economic aspects related to agricultural production, contemporary Common Agricultural Policy developments, agricultural trade and environmental policies, farm and agribusiness management. His postgraduate studies in Teagasc, Ireland, offered him the essential knowledge to understand natural capital accounting, develop input-output (I-O) models, economic and footprint indicators.

Both his undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations deal with mathematical programming models. The purpose of his BSc dissertation was to develop a spreadsheet-based linear mathematical model to optimize, in economic terms, the feed of a cattle dairy farm to meet the nutritional requirements of animals and simultaneously minimize cattle feeding cost. In his MSc dissertation, Gianmaria developed (with GAMS, General Algebraic Modelling System) a farm-level non-linear mathematical programming model aiming to assist agricultural policy making by simulating scenarios of various environmental policies related to livestock’s nitrates outputs. The model provides information to calibrate the intervention and route the choices to the most efficient and effective criteria.

Gianmaria is currently employed at University of Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy, and involved on BioMonitor Project, with a specific focus on the use of case study research to test, validate, and fine-tune data collection methods and modelling framework. He is supervised by Dr. D. Drabik (WUR) and Prof. Dr. C. Soregaroli (UCSC).



- The main approaches, gaps, and limitations of case studies dealing with the bioeconomy: A review article based on previous cases and suggestion for a common research protocol

- The biorefinery industry in Italy and Germany: evaluating economic, social and environmental impacts and indicators

- Emerging value chains in the EU bioeconomy: governance of innovation, supply chain, and business models from the Vanguard Initiative

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