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As a Senior Researcher in LCA with a strong environmental background I have been directing my research towards environmental assessment of production chains. I have carried out research mainly in LCA of bioenergy and agricultural systems. However, currently I am focusing my research in developing approaches to combine science with LCA approaches for greenhouse gas removal from the atmosphere, waste to energy systems, bioenergy, agricultural systems adopting circular economy approaches. These research developments aim to better capture the characteristics of the systems by considering the economic, social and political factors affecting their performance and implementation. To this end, I am dedicated to encouraging and promoting awareness on the importance of scientific research towards sustainability and circular economy through scientific development and technology transfer projects in partnership with international centres of excellence focused on greenhouse gas emissions.

Fluent in at least 3 languages English, French and Italian and with a basic knowledge of Dutch (A1), I possess excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills. This allows me to ensure proper interpretation and plain language explanation of scientific research to various echelons of audiences. A team player with the ability to work independently demonstrating responsibility and ability to multi-task while prioritizing and completing projects on time for review and publication.

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