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Carlos Moreno is from Ecuador. His home city is Ambato, located in the central zone. His academic formation started in Honduras, where he followed a Food Agroindustry Engineering at Zamorano University, situated at Valle del Yeguare. Then, he did a Master program in Agricultural and Food Economics at the Universita' Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Italy. His thesis topic was about the Evaluation of the socio-economic performance of two emerging agri-food chains of Ecuador. Carlos PhD programme at Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy Group of Wageningen University started on November 2018. Currently, he is under the supervision of Dr. Liesbeth Dries and Prof. Justus Wesseler. 

Carlos Ph.D. topic is Evaluation of the role of organisation and coordination for the sustainability performance of agri-food supply chains - Application to fruit and vegetable supply chains in Ecuador. Carlos focuses on an evaluating framework with special attention on the role of organisational aspects of supply chains. The goal is to determine how the coordination mechanisms within supply chains are linked to sustainable performance. Furthermore, the framework will be applied to emerging and conventional fruit and vegetable chains located in the Highland region of Ecuador. In line with recent policy directions in Ecuador, the project will develop recommendations for agricultural sustainability upgrading following principles of circular economy models.

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