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OrganisatieDepartement Agrotechnologie en Voedingswetenschappen
OrganisatieDepartement Agrotechnologie en Voedingswetenschappen
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Environmental engineer and biologist, I hold a Master degree in environmental sanitation with a mayor in soils. I have worked in several research institutions. During the work in these institutions, I was trained in different areas: air quality monitoring, soil and water analysis, limnology, ficology, bioindicators, grey and white biotechnology. Well versed in different analyses techniques in solid and liquid matrices. I can plan and display different experiments in a laboratory. I have worked in a soil remediation company for two years and later in a project in the same field of study for another 2 years. After that, I made an internship in a project to recover metal from low-grade ores and industrial waste. I am versatile and can perform better in areas that require a wide view of the influence of several environmental sources.



Organic residues engineering to increase organic matter in agricultural soils

European soil erosion rates are 1.4 higher than soil formation rates. One of the main drivers of soil erosion is the decline of organic matter. Ironically, two-thirds of the amount of organic residues are landfilled or burned. This bio-waste could be used to replenish carbon losses and reclaim degraded soils. Different technologies are used to produce organic amendments (OAs). However, it is not known to what extent OA chemistry is modulated by these technologies and what effects these OA have on soil properties. This knowledge could increase C replenishment effectivity and efficiency of engineered OA.


B.S. Environmental Engineering - Universidad Catolica Boliviana "San Pablo" - Bolivia

B.S. Biology - Universidad Mayor de San Simon -  Bolivia

M.Sc. Environmental sanitation - Ghent University - Belgium

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