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I completed my bachelor study in China Agricultural University (CAU) at July 2011, major in Protected Agricultural Science and Engineering.

Then fascinated with my major, I got the access to Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) after graduation from university, and obtained a master degree in June 2014 under the guidance of pro. Yang. My graduate research topic was Design and Optimization of Active Heat Storage-release associated with Heat Pump Heating System.

After finishing postgraduate study, I have been working as an engineer on scientific research in Beijing Research Center of Intelligent Equipment for Agriculture, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences since 2014. I still focus on the research direction of protected horticulture environment control and energy saving, but cover a wider range of study content than a postgraduate does. As the person in charge or backbone, I participated in several kinds of projects, such as Open Foundation 2015 of Key Lab of Energy Conservation and Waster Treatment of Agricultural Structures, Ministry of Agriculture, National High Technology Research and Development Plan of China (863 Project), Special financial project of Beijing City, and some other technical demonstration projects. Based on the needs of projects mentioned above as well as my interests and professional background, I have completed several experiments and system designs introduced briefly as following:

1) In order to achieve transferring heat energy in terms of time and space inside the solar greenhouse, and then improve the utilization efficiency of surplus air heat energy, finally avoid low temperature in the greenhouses, a greenhouse surplus air heat pump heating system for the solar greenhouse and multi-span greenhouse was designed and tested.

2) For production through summer, the water source heat pump system was used to cool a Chinese solar greenhouse at night. Surface water in the protected agriculture park was used as cold source, and the heat preservation quilt was covered during cooling period.

3) For greenhouses heating in cloudy or rainy weather for several days running or extremely cold day, a low-temperature heating system with distributed heat sources was designed and tested.

4) In order to decrease air temperature inside the closed greenhouse, taking low carbon emission and energy-saving into consideration, a closed greenhouse with water-walls was designed and built and tested.

5) Supported by the Special financial project, I installed a solar photovoltaic/thermal system on the north walls of a multi-span glass greenhouse to harvest heat and power, which would be used for greenhouse operation.

6) I also have the engineering experience in building of a plant factory with artificial light.



09/2011—06/2014 Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Beijing, China

Master of engineering in Agricultural Biological Environment and Energy Engineering

Supervisor: Prof. Yang Qichang (

09/2007—07/2011 China Agricultural University Beijing, China

Bachelor of agriculture in Protected Agricultural Science and Engineering

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