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Annah Zhu is an Assistant Professor studying globalization and the environment from an ethnographic perspective. She received her PhD in Society and Environment from the University of California, Berkeley and her masters in environmental management from Duke University. Her dissertation research analyzed the trade in endangered timber between Madagascar and China, with fieldwork conducted in both countries. Her current research focuses on the role of China in processes of environmental globalization and the impacts of "global China" on the environment.

Annah's research draws from time spent working for the United Nations Environment Program in Geneva, Switzerland and the United States Peace Corps in Madagascar. She also has nearly a decade of experience managing environmental assessments for large government projects in the United States, and has collaborated on research on environmental assessment in China with colleagues at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

On a theoretical level, Annah's research combines scholarship from geography, anthropology, and global governance in order to analyze global environmental transformation through the lens of the critical social sciences. Her work has been published in Geoforum, Political Geography , American Ethnologist , Environment International , and the Annals of the American Association of Geographers.




Rethinking global China and the environment: combatting climate change through Great Green Walls

Book Project (edited volume): Environmental globalization in a contested 21st Century

Book Project (based on dissertation): Famous Tree, Forbidden Forest: from rural Madagascar to urban China


PhD in Society and Environment, University of California Berkeley, 2019

Masters in Environmental Management, Duke University, 2008

Bachelors in Biology, Reed College, 2006

  • ENP-30506 - Theories on Politics and Governance
  • ENP-32306 - Advanced Environmental Economics and Policy
  • ENP-36306 - Climate Governance
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